Question Which Substratum Themes Work?

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Jun 7, 2010
Unlocked & rooted and trying to retheme the 9Pro via Subsratum, but all the themes I try to use throw me an error saying they're not compatible. Anyone know which themes (ideally free, but I won't be picky :) are compatible with the 9Pro Global version?
Substratum works fine on a11 transparency in modules does not work on a11. If you have a boot loop from substratum just hold both volume keys and power. This will take you to fastboot mode. After that hit reboot. When warning comes up hold both volume buttons till it boots you will be in in safe mode. This automatically disables all modules in magisk. Then reboot your phone and disable bad modules or bad themes and reactivate the ones that work. Then reboot again and you will be back to normal. Just keep in mind everytime you use safe mode you will have to redo your home screen so keep a fresh backup of your launcher using oneplus switch
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