Which Xiaomi to replace my old Redmi Note 4X

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Sep 3, 2014
Hi all,
I would like to buy a new Xiaomi phone but the choice is difficult for me so need your point of view.
Indeed I have my old RN 4X since 5 or 6 years now and would like a new one for around 300€
I do not know which one to choose because of so many answers on FB groups Xiaomi fans
I thought a RN 11 Pro 5G was a good choice RN 11 Pro 5G 6/128
But I receive answers for
- RN 10 Pro
- Poco (which one ???)
- others (without any problem if it is a good choice ;o) )

It will be for using it as a phone, mail, sms, social networks, daily photos (but I have a camera), some tools and games for around 300€
I am used to modify my phone with all extra I can find on XDA forum (Root, TWRP, bootloader, firmware, custom ROM, Magisk....)
Also need to find good products and help for case and glass protection