Accessories Whitestone [Dome Glass] Google Pixel 6 Pro Tempered Glass Screen Protector [Liquid Dispersion Tech] With Camera Film Protector

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Scrapped the expensive Panzerglass TPU and slap the whitestone on P6P.

The smoothness is out of this world and it feels so natural.

During installation, surface is not levelled and the adhesive roll to right side and worried the glue will not be enough for whole screen. Waited to spread across entire screen and it sits well after curing.

Every penny worth to pay the shipping price to get earlier in UK.
Seems like P6P curved glass screen for whitestone is in high demand as still not available in UK.
May 14, 2008
Ordered the 21st from the east coast and got it the 26th. Went on smoothly and feels great. Finger print sensor works as well as my TPU film and no screen protector. The one hitch I had when installing was that not all of the LOCA glue spilled out from the tube when in the jig and came out when I removed it so I had a bit less glue than I should have. Around the camera bump didn't fill in on its own so I used the end of the plastic tube to drag some of the glue over from a spot where it spilled out more.

Overall it looks and feels great. It works with the google case and my generic amazon case. It is thicker than other glass protectors I've used before. It isn't really any better than the TPU film I was using but hopefully it provides a bit more impact resistance.
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I found the install to be a bit messy but overall pretty good. I did hear some people did have air bubbles and abandoned the curing process. I had bubbles but just push them out to the edges. Problem solved and now my install is perfect. I would have documented it. But I don't have two phones anymore.


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Apr 24, 2021
Google Pixel 2 XL
Google Pixel 6 Pro
I had this protector on my old 2XL, and while it started out nice, over time the protector developed "veins" underneath the film, and the overall quality diminished over time with lots of scratches which made it harder to look at.

I wouldn't mind trying again but I'm unsure if their quality has improved enough for me to shell out so much money for something that doesn't leave enough room for error.

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    New! My personal newbie UV-cured screen protector review at post # 90. TL;DR - overall 95% satisfactory, fingerprint still works perfectly and looks and feels great.

    Note that they are not listed here but they are listed here, although the former also says "[Pre-Order ] Google Pixel 6 Pro & 6 Dome Glass Are Live NOW!" just with no links to the product.

    Direct link to P6P one here. Use the THANKYOU21 promo code for a further $6 off. Thanks to @LLStarks for that info. In the end, you pay for shipping instead of the (right now) default free 2-day shipping, and it only saves you $1.50. @lemonspeakerz says if you can find something for $1, use the XMAS25 code instead.

    Fyi, if you use this code, you loose out on the free 2-day shipping and you will be defaulted to the standard $5.99 shipping.

    In the end, the code still brings the total to be $1.50 cheaper than without... But the real question is, is 2 day shipping worth it for $1.50?

    I say, hell yes.

    If you can find something for $1, use this code instead.


    Also, whitedome is Not an American company. Fyi if you didn't know.

    Thanks to @igchy for the working promo codes breakdown.

    Working Codes:​

    12% OFF [XMAS12]​


    25% OFF [XMAS25]​


    THANKYOU21 works, but it brings price below $30 and you pay for shipping.

    I bought mine already without a promo code, but I left one in the cart while I was experimenting with other promo codes people said to try, and I just got an email with a link to buy the one in my cart for 10% off, but when I follow the link it says "WELCOMEBACK discount code isn’t available to you right now". Might be worth someone else trying it, though.

    A UV kit for the regular 6 is weird. They usually just do normal protectors for phones with flat screens.

    At least the installation trays look like they got a major upgrade in materials and they aren't charging the usual $50+ for either phone.

    The THANKYOU21 code works for $6 off.

    I confirm THANKYOU21 does work.

    The "OVDektNG" currently shown at the top of the page for 10% off did not work for me, however, it's showing the P6P and P6 screen protector 2-packs for $5 off what will be the normal price anyway.

    The P6P page says:

    *Please be informed shipping for this item will be only available from 28th Dec onwards. Shipping will be on the first order, first served basis.

    An email I just received from Whitestone regarding the request for them to make a Pixel 6 Pro screen protector. My original email below.
    Hi, just adding my vote for creating tempered glass screen protectors for the Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 6. Thanks!

    Whitestone's email:

    Thank you for reaching out to us.
    we might be selling Pixel 6 series Dome Glass but we need to purchase the device and then develop them so it will take some times.

    Thank you,
    Are you sure that's not what the package says

    then see pics here:

    It's a dot matrix protector. I for one, am SHOCKED some chinese no-name brand lied about their product. Shocked, I say.
    Just fitted mine, and WOW!

    no issues with install after watching and following the instructional video

    i was worried at one poit the liquid would not reach the top, slowly but surely it got there though

    i am in love with my phone again, the colour and clarity of the pixel phone still shines through with this screen protector, it seems my old one put a kind of colour cast on the phone, now the screen is so clearand looks great again.

    yes they are more expensive than a standard TGSP but i would recommend them now very much so
    Dont the current ones out there have problems with fingerprint reader?
    I have this one (CoverOn) on my phone right now and no, fingerprint reader does not work. Several other people have mentioned this particular one doesn't work for them either (as with all the others). I am keeping it on though b/c it's nice, fits well, does well with not leaving too many smudges/prints, etc. Also feels nice. Until one comes out that works with the fingerprint reader, I'll stay with this and use a pin. I like the protection of tempered glass vs. TPU/PET, etc..
    i will stay naked until Whitestone. Might be 6 months down the line though.