Question Who is upgrading to S23?

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Jan 21, 2019
I am really contemplating to upgrade from S22 to S23 just for Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 CPU because SD8G1 heats up like an oven and the battery life is absolute trash.

However, the trade-in value sucks, got to still pay S$580 even after trading in S22 along with S$88 pre-order promo code.


Who else is planning on upgrading to S23, and what phone are you currently holding?


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Jan 21, 2019
I took the leap to upgrade despite the trashy trade-in amount, because my used S22 with paint-peel on bezels and micro-scratches on screen isn't going to fetch a good buyback price via third party vendors, and may be even lesser than what Samsung offer.

I hope S23's battery performance will be good enough for me to hold 3-4 years.

Edit: Got my sanity back, cancelled my pre-order, decided to save S$585 to spend it elsewhere.
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May 20, 2010
I'm Upgrading from S20 with 128 (+SD card 128GB) to S23 256GB for €599,-

- Battery life of the S20 was the worst in years for recent S small screen releases. Did Not upgrade to other versions of te S series, because battery was marginal improvement over S20. Now its a huge leap and a decision maker to upgrade. Today i get around half a day (12h) with the S20 and the use cases i need it for. so every half day it need a charge. So always chargers around me. Home, Bed, Car, Work.....
- S20 does not get any new android releases. Only security updates. So safe.
- The performance is a huge increase over the s20. Sock and Especially with 256GB versions that have UFS 4.0. Also the antenna is a huge improvement.
- Camera's are marginal improved over the S20, but huge enough to see a difference.
- I keep with around 6,2 inch screens, as i have very small hands. Tried an A52s. But way to big to operate with one hand. Would love to have a S23 ultra, but not possible to operate with the small hands.
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Feb 26, 2021
from the S22 to S23 for a good deal

for 2 reasons :
- autonomy of the S22 is weak,
- the new processor of the S23 and the battery of 3900

Except this 2 reasons, the 2 phones S22 and S23 are very simillar.


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Jul 26, 2010
Well, i'm still with the OnePlus 7 Pro and my 1st choice would be the S23 Ultra but since it's too big (and "boxy") for my pockets, i thought about the S23+.

What is keeping me thinking if i should buy the S23+ or not, is the screen. I was hoping that it had a QHD screen and not a FHD+. Even my OnePlus 7 Pro from 2019v(Samsung display) has an higher resolution and considerably more ppi.

And Samsung still seems to be afraid to offer faster charger speeds (45W when we see others with 100W or even 120W).

Everything is better than on my 7 Pro but the lower res and lower ppi is not helping (and yes, one thing i LOVE on the 7 Pro is no camera on the front since it's a "pop-up" one but i could pass that).

Also, i was a little surprised with the results from XDA poll. In 2895 votes, 1734 said that they won't buy any S23!

I really don't know what to do.


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Jun 21, 2022
Had the S22 Ultra 512gb for about a week,and went back to my LG V60.I gave it some thought,but nothing spectacular has caught my eye to even get it free from AT&T as of yet!

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    I'm upgrading from Samsung S8
    I also recommend the SoundAssistant application from GalaxyStore, which improves the volume control panel, especially with the function of quickly changing the bluetooth audio output (I love oneUI for this - one of the reasons why it was easier for me to leave the Google Pixel 7).

    Screenshot_20230209_235655_One UI Home.jpg
    Which call recording do you use?

    Didn't found "SideActions," and for what i read, it has to be from apkmirror.

    There's any way to hide the apps from the app drawer that we already have on the home screen? Like it used to have with OxygenOS and Nova Launcher?
    Is not for security reasons, only to not have "duplicates".

    Other thing that Samsung could implement, and for what i read (never had a Galaxy) has been asked for a long time, is the option to choose between horizontal and vertical mode on the app drawer.

    Native call recording was enabled after changing CSC to SEK.
    Watch this:
    + I use the AutoSync app, which automatically synchronizes my calls to Google Drive.

    Screenshot_20230209_234317_Call settings.jpg
    Screenshot_20230209_234321_Call settings.jpg

    Download SideActions on apk mirror, it is an app only for Samsungs and is not yet officially supported for S23, but it is fully functional. (that's why it's not on gplay)


    I use the "home screen only" layout because I'm used to the swipe up to search function with the keyboard automatically opening. (only available without app drawer)

    In the launcher settings, you have the option "hide icon"

    Screenshot_20230209_233706_One UI Home.jpg

    Goodlock from the Galaxy store allowed me to enlarge the grids up to 7x7 and I think the menu also offers the option of horizontal & vertical mod.

    I hope I have helped you at least a little.
    S10e to S23.
    The S10e update cycle is ended and battery life is not great anymore.
    I'm upgrading to S23 Ultra and is there a forum discussion for that, I can't find it!
    Here you go