Who wants the ATT WM6 rom?!??!

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Jun 21, 2007
alter ego's are good
Version Information
• Windows Mobile 6.0 AKU 0.2.4 Build 17746
• CE Image: 1.25
Radio FW:

Admin edit: Link removed due to legal complaints from palm.

Installation and Upgrade Guide

• Plug the Treo 750 into a power source
• Load software update onto your miniSD card (CHEEIMG.nbh file). Insert the card.
• Press and hold both the PTTApp Button (lowest button on left side of device) + Pin Reset (next to miniSD card slot). You no longer need to hold the Windows key as well. You will be prompted to press the End key to start the update. This step takes about 10 minutes to complete.
• Hard reset the device when prompted. To hard-reset, hold the End key while pressing the pin reset button. Answer “yes” to “Erase all data” prompt.
• To verify the software, hold the Down-Arrow while pin-resetting. You will see:
o Firmware: R
o ROM: D 1.25
o Keyboard: U 26
• The Bootloader can also be confirmed by holding down the PTT button and pin resetting (without the updater miniSD card inserted)
o SPL: SPL 0.24

People may want to mirror this before Palm steps in and makes XDA remove the link...
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May 10, 2006
excellent find........... :D

whoever installs this, would you mind dumping the registry from the fresh install for me and pm me.. TIA
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Oct 21, 2006
I can"t wait anymore...I upgraded it and working very good! Will post any issues when found.


The fontpatch.cab previously for WM5 works fine as well. So it can read Chinese characters now.

No Pocket MSN in this ROM yet. :(

BUT, HSDPA Enabled!!!


Thanks for posting the ROM.


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Jan 29, 2005
Same here. Someone please help us...

That means it's not finding the nbh file on your storage card. The simplest way to try to resolve this is to format the storage card in your Treo, then copy the nbh file over to the root of the storage card, and try again.


Nov 27, 2005
Thanks for the quick reply. I decided to format my 2GB card using FAT32 on my PC before reading your reply, and now it worked. So it seems that maybe the card must be FAT32 formatted, at least if the size is 2GB. Could this be the reason why it wasn't working before?