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Whom to blame, Google or Asus?


New member
Jul 30, 2009
Nexus 7 2013 has been out for almost a month and we keep seeing more hardware and software issues appearing. Is Google letting us down or Asus mass production issue? Your thought?


New member
Jul 11, 2012
This device rocks, software is not an issue if you're patient. Hardware seems like luck of the draw, with most being lucky. I think all the "issues" people are having shout the loudest 'cause people in general only want to hear the bad news.
I rooted my device in Linux with no issues, have changed roms multiple times and settled on PA, faux123's ES003 and love it. Great battery life, great speed, great sound, great screen, zero issues with multi-touch, no creaking or rattling (I refuse to shake or thump or twist my device), and I can get a GPS fix in my basement. Oh, and Bluetooth works, haven' t seen any light bleed, my charger doesn't hum or buzz, and the back is free of the blighted "oil slick". I am aware of all these issues because they are at the forefront of the forums continually, but I have yet to observe any of them first hand.

So, to get back to the OP's question: I think Google and Asus have both done well to create the best device I've ever owned. I blame both of them for building an inexpensive and powerful tablet.

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Aug 13, 2012
Some of us go to a great length trying to find what is wrong with their device. If you ask for it you will get it lol.

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Sep 8, 2006
I don't know of many hardware issues. I think most were to blame on a faulty patch that Google pulled and replaced.

Most people replaced swapped out their tablets because of these but overall I think it was a successful launch. Not many hardware problems at all. Of course you'll get a few duds from every batch. Nothing alarming though.

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New member
Jul 19, 2008
Nexus devices have always been "Dev" devices so the occasional hiccup is expected. Google, nor Asus is at fault. The important thing is that known issues have already been rectified. Nexus devices have always been Dev devices in the past. I think people are only posting bad news. I've had 2 new nexus 7s (exchanged 16gb for 32gb) and 0 Build quality issues.
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New member
Oct 23, 2007
I think a lot of the complaining is coming from people just looking for problems. Its no surprise that if they are looking for them that they find something to complain about. Many of the "issues" I have seen discussed on here are either complete user error or someone being ridiculously anal. Seriously anyone returning a Nexus 7 because it makes a alight noise if you tap it near the camera, or you can hear the speakers buzz when you hold it within a mm of your ear, or because if you press down hard on the case near the Asus logo it creaks, should be banned from buying retail electronics. These kinds of people just drive costs up for the rest of us.

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Sep 3, 2011
I personally have had very few issues. I am very happy with this tablet. Even more than my first generation model which I also loved.

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Dec 7, 2007
If you want to see some real, legitimate issues...

Well over 100 so far...
I guess you have to put this into relation to total sales and if you look at the percentage that will come up, I guess every manufacturer will have a similar one. 100 sounds alot but in relation to (just as example) 100.000 sold devices it is just 0.1%...sure you can always find something wrong with anything ;). I am very happy with my Nexus 7


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Jan 3, 2009
Soggy New Jersey
Not when you note that a number of them have returned 2 or more units.
Also, it's not like they're being 'picky' about it. Random reboots, dead areas of the screen, non-working GPS are hardly minor issues that are easily overlooked.
Add to that the number of people who might have just returned the device, bought a different brand (or nothing) and didn't bother to search out or post to that site about the experience.
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Apr 15, 2011
I bought a16gb nexus when they first came out. A year later I bought a 32gb one for my wife. When the nexus (2013) came out, I replaced mine with a new 32gb one. I passed my original down to my son. All perfect, and a delight to use. Hooked on qi charging with the new one.

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