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Question Why did you choose the 6 over the Pro?

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Aug 6, 2009
Coming from a Pixel 2 non-XL, the Pixel 6 is already HUGE, the pro would be terrible. That and I hate curved screen bezels.


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I bought the 6 Pro, was a bit too big, didn't like the curved edges...didn't feel like a 'Pixel', 120Hz didn't seem any nicer than my 90Hz Pixel 5. Returned it and got the 6, SO HAPPY. Feels much more like a Pixel. A touch too tall, but still very nice in the hands. Much happier with the flat screen especially for screen protectors/cases. Also I feel like the 6 has better battery because it's the same CPU as the 6 Pro, but driving a FHD screen instead a QHD screen. Get the 6!
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Burt Squirtz

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Feb 11, 2018
Man, I'm so glad I went with the pro over the normal six. I noticed The night and day difference instantly when I first saw both phones, in Best buy, 3 weeks ago, but here's definitive non-misinformation people should probably know:

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Jan 4, 2017
If I hadn't needed the 512 GB version of the Pixel 6, which is only in Pro, I would have strongly considered the regular 6. I don't regret having the Pro except for the curved screens, but I knew it would.
Just out of curiosity. What do you store on your phone, that you need 512GB for? I have the 128GB version and even that is currently only at 85GB used.


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Nov 8, 2009
I hate curved edges, but I have also read reviews that say the curves on the Pro suffer from shadows like the earliest curved screens had.


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Jul 2, 2017
Price, flat screen, matte black frame and size.

I'm coming from a OnePlus 5. If that wouldn't be dying I wouldn't have upgraded. I miss the fast fingerprint reader, capacitive buttons, light weight and less animated (snappier) UI. Switching between the two most recent apps took less than half a second.

The only thing that would be nice is 256GB storage, since thats not available with the regular 6 in EU.
I have both phones to pixel 6 and pixel 6 pro. Each phone is good in its own right. I love the regular pixel 6 size. But I love the OLED display of the pro. I have only had the pro for 2 days so I have not had a chance to test the camera. The pixel 5 battery life
Maybe slightly better than the 6 pro but I'm still comparing them now.
I will most likely keep the the pro because of the brighter screen and 120hz refresh rate.
However the Pixel 6 is a beast of a phone. I got it via upgrade from T-Mobile with a trade in of an old Pixel 3. So that phone was free.


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Jul 25, 2009
In Europe prices of pixel 6 and 6 pro were significantly higher than in USA. My pure pixel 6 cost me around 850 euro for 128GB version and the pro was not even available in the beginning so i had no other option. In fact the screen and lack of telephoto camera are not problems for me. I even prefer flat screens instead of curved ones. I only miss the 12GB of RAM but looking that phone rarely uses more than 5GB i hope that the 8GB of the non pro model will be enough for the next 2 to 3 years.

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    The Pixel 6 Pro has curved screen edges while the Pixel 6 is a flat screen which is what I prefer.
    Size, price and the flat screen.
    Size. Pro is too big.
    Didn't think it was worth $300 more.
    Curved screen, size, and price.

    Yeah the telephoto would be cool in certain situations and there's been a few times already I wish I had it, but not enough to justify an extra $300 and having to put up with the screen edges and extra bulk.

    Physically the Pixel 6 is a nearly identical in size to my Pixel 2 XL, just a smidgen heavier.