Why external microphone doesnt work on some Androids (like LG G5)

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Jul 23, 2017
I dont know if it's a hardware problem.

I used 4 pin external mic on my LG G5:

i.imgur.com/0QFjK8W.png (cant post image/link)

(this mic actually has only 2 working wires - 3rd an 4th rings are connected to MIC, and top 1st and 2nd rings are not connected to anything, they are just empty).

when I use them on my android LG G5, i can record from this microhpone very well (phone sees it), but when i connect output from external Wireless receiver ( which exactly outputs microphone voice/audio on the same 3rd and 4th rings:


, then my phone cant see the voice from such applicance...

(however, when i connect headset into that receiver, i hear voice in headphones).

So, receiver outputs the voice correctly, but why LG G5 cant see that case?
The interesting thing is that my another android phone (Motorola Turbo 2 ) can obtain voice from that line well...

I am a bit technician and tried to manually cut & connect lines to every possible combination, but in none of the case the LG G5 can obtain the voice from appliance... any help is appreciated


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Feb 22, 2013
I think it can be sth with detecting Jack plug in g5... I have constant problem using aux cables.. I must put them multiple times to get them to work properly... Opo had similar issue but it was solved on custom roms only.. maybe some voltages are problematic for g5 dunno but it's real life issue for me...


Jul 31, 2017
It could be an electronic problem, meaning that this external microphone is not suitable for your G5.

Either case, I would try installing "SoundAbout"; which is a pretty nifty app that lets you re-route your sound to any of the phone components manually.

I would then tell it to pick up your voice from the mic.

It's a free app and doesn't require root.