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why Images in pro mode are softer and lower quality than normal mode?

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Jan 1, 2015
hello friends, So, I had been using Samsung S8 for 3 years and it has amazing camera, really loved the image quality if it, and because of that recently I bought new galaxy S21 5g and was expecting a similar if not the better image quality, but after many test shots I had the conclusion that when images are taken in pro mode they are not as sharp and better than when taken normal mode (which unfortunately wont create raw files), I am a passionate raw shooter so this wasn't the issue with S8 because even if image is taken in pro mode the quality was same just the extra raw file was created but S 21 has some issue with image processing when takin in pro mode,

is there any fixes or other apps with all stock like controls available which can take picture in pro mode with same image quality as the normal mode, or is there any GCam for my device, it has exynos processor.

your help would be appreciated. Thanks friends.