Question Why no custom ROMs yet?

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Mar 22, 2022
OnePlus 10 Pro
Google has made a lot of changes to the OS that just make everything a headache for custom ROM devs so that's not helping. The writing is on the wall for the Android ROM community and once Google finally forces hardware attestation the inability to easily hide root or unlocked bootloaders at all will kill off a lot more interest. The future of mobile phones is one of two separate walled gardens.
Ok, thanks for the info:), sorry but have they set any date for it, and is it worth to wait on?
I shouild install global or EU to my chinese phone.
But i will also uppgrade to android 13.
Are man doing it at the same time*?
Or will that be 2 differents downloads and alot of setttings?
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    No msm unbrick tool, no sources and so on.
    Oneplus sucks every phone a little bit more! 10 pro is definitely my last OP phone
    I've been missing for quite a long time from XDA, but I'm about to get a new phone soon (maybe another OnePlus?) and I came here to check for new custom ROMs updates.
    But it seems I cannot find any custom ROM for the OnePlus 10 Pro (yet?), why is that?

    Thanks for the info.
    You can try GSI roms, but they're buggy (e.g. fingerprint sensor is not working)
    Also you cannot unbrick your phone unless you send it to 1+ which makes development hard
    It's truly a sad time to be an android user....

    But i've got a little thought in the back of my head that i can't shake, i think things will change.

    No idea how it'll happen, may take a while, maybe after the release of the T / R 10 devices.

    Time will tell, but yep it's certainly a crap time for Android; when a google flagship and oneplus devices don't have a single official ROM (pixel has AOSP unofficial afaik) it's time to re-evaluate your purchases a lot more carefully.

    Yeah, I remember the old times here on XDA, there was so many threads proposing many different flavors.
    I used to flash and try new ROMs almost everyday...

    Now I have to get a new phone, I came here to check and I've realized it all changed.
    It's even hard to find ROMs for Google Pixels and OnePlus phones, I don't know what happened but it's kinda frustrating...
    Source tree is different default compilable sources.i hope someone could port it.