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Widevine leve L3 after installing Custom Rom Lineage OS 18.1

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Jun 3, 2015
Yo guys, hope you are having an awesome day!
So the other day I rooted my phone, installed TWRP and installed Lineage OS 18.1 on my Oneplus 6..
The thing is - Now I realize that the Widevine level has been downgrade from L1 to L3 so apps which are crucial to me stopped working.
I have a couple of questions regarding this:
1. I understand that the mere unlocking of the the bootloader killed my drm keys. If that's so, is there an option to Unbrick my phone back to oOS , copy the drm keys (and everything related to widevine) --> Install custom rom and paste all the keys to their respected location thus having the DRM keys of a "locked" bootloader on my custom ROM?
2. Is there an Oneplus 6 Rom, based on android 11, that somehow has access to DRM keys and would give me both the benefit of Android 11 and Widevine leve L1?
3. Is there any way to fix the L3 level on my current rom? an app/module/anything that can take me back from L3 to L1?