Widget binding failure (ATV Launcher)

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Dec 13, 2020
I've followed the instructions here to install ATV Launcher (free version) on my Shield Pro:

I'm now trying to add a widget to the launcher, but am getting a "Widget binding failure" error. I have run the following adb command as recommended, but I still get this error:
appwidget grantbind --package ca.dstudio.atvlauncher.free --user 0

Has anyone managed to add a widget to ATV Launcher recently?

Also, is there any way of setting ATV Launcher as the default launcher on boot? (I've had to use buttonmapper to map the home button to ATV as the Shield always boots back to the stock launcher, despite me having defined ATV Launcher in LaunchX.


Jun 26, 2014
Annapolis Royal
I just used this command on my MeCool box. It works fine. You first have to turn on debugging and then use a terminal adb command line to run the command. Make sure you're typing the name of the package correctly.