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Wierd brightness issue.

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Jul 27, 2021
I've been using POCO M3 for about two weeks right now, and i encountered a really strange thing.

Screen really randomly drops brightness a little bit, not too much, but it's really annoying.

1. Auto-brightness disabled.
2. I tried to reproduce brightness drops by covering/shining a light into all available sensors (doesn't work, so it's not related)
3. Tried to apply gentle pressure to the phone, in case it's an internal connection problem, without any results.
4. Behaves the same with stock, as well as other ROMs i've tried (dotOS, ArrowOS)

I didn't notice any other problems related to this, but i worry it's a sign of things to come.
Tried to ask a couple search engines, didn't find anything similar to my problem.

Some days i don't notice any, some days its driving me crazy how often it does this. Does anybody have any ideas what it might be?
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