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Question Wifi 6E

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New member
Oct 18, 2021
hi. i just buy the fold3.

i couldnt connect it to my asus axe11000 on the 6ghz chanel
i discover that samsung cancel the 6E in my country and they see they release it someday when the government allow it to them and some other bulshits.

on my pc(intel ax210) it work fine. also try it ones on asus rog 5.

is there any way to enable it without waiting for there soft update?
To answer you, it's something that would require root to fix.
Explanation below.

Assuming two different things, Let's figure they made it easy and didn't cut the code out in the actual kernel dependencies and Samsung didn't cut it from the original build because that would be too detailed and time consuming.

Conditions to change should be in the wifi module(packages/modules/wifi), com.google.android.wifi.apex, specifically in service-wifi.jar if wifi 6 is fully disabled. Or, less likely, in framework-wifi.jar if it's just disabling end user access to wifi 6.