Wifi Issue on Realme 6

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Aug 28, 2018
So I recently got the Realme6 8GB + 128GB, and it's a great phone except for this issue where it doesn't work on my Wifi sporadically.

It will be completely fine browsing reddit for example, then just refuse to load anything despite the wifi icon showing full connectivity. Typically turning the wifi on the phone off and on resolves it easily enough, but it's becoming a constant albeit sporadic thing.
It gets back to normal once I restart the phone but then again it goes back again.
I can't even play PUBG with a constant ping anymore. It's always jumping from green to yellow, yellow to green, despite having a 20 mbps data connection.

I have tested my wifi with my other devices and there's no issue with them, so I know it's the phone.

Any advice or anyone know how to fix this?


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Jul 27, 2020
wifi issue

i also have a problem with the wifi but mine was when the Bluetooth and Wifi is turned on... the wifi can't receive data or the bandwidth(?)/frequency(?) are in conflict.


Jul 25, 2019
Realme 6
This issue happened in update which was before B.45 (B.37 is name of that update i think) I thought it will be fixed in B.45 but it still persists and it is very irritating.