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WiFi not working after installing LineageOS for microG

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Oct 3, 2021
Hi there! I'm trying to flash LineageOS-microG version (https://lineage.microg.org), but after successful (?) installation WiFi isn't working, I'm getting an error "Failed or timed out awaiting driver ready":

09-25 19:15:36.920   894   894 E WifiHAL : Timed out wating on Driver ready ...
09-25 19:15:36.921   894   894 E [email protected]: Failed or timed out awaiting driver ready
09-25 19:15:36.921   894   894 E [email protected]: Failed to start legacy HAL: TIMED_OUT
09-25 19:15:36.929  1307  3910 E HalDevMgr: executeChipReconfiguration: configureChip error: 9 (, timed out)
09-25 19:15:36.929  1307  3910 E WifiVendorHal: Failed to create STA iface
09-25 19:15:36.929  1307  3910 E WifiNative: Failed to create iface in vendor HAL
09-25 19:15:36.930  1307  3910 E WifiClientModeManager: Failed to create ClientInterface. Sit in Idle

I've downloaded latest "-microG-bramble-recovery.img" and "-microG-bramble.zip" form https://download.lineage.microg.org/bramble/, flashed recovery, rebooted into it and flashed zip as described in official LineageOS wiki https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/bramble/install#installing-lineageos-from-recovery.
After rebooting and post-install setup WiFi is not working :/
Official LineageOS images works fine. So, what I'm doing wrong?

I've also unpacked "payload.bin" from this image https://download.lineage.microg.org/bramble/lineage-18.1-20210914-microG-bramble.zip with some python script https://github.com/cyxx/extract_android_ota_payload and there are some noticeable differences in official and microG LineageOS editions:

LineageOS-microG payload.bin:

4,0K ./vbmeta_system.img
8,0K    ./vbmeta.img
16M    ./dtbo.img
96M    ./boot.img
96M    ./vendor_boot.img
280M    ./system_ext.img
553M    ./product.img
710M    ./vendor.img
1,1G    ./system.img
2,8G    .

Official LineageOS payload.bin:

4,0K ./vbmeta_system.img
8,0K    ./vbmeta.img
44K    ./devcfg.img
56K    ./qupfw.img
80K    ./xbl_config.img
88K    ./featenabler.img
124K    ./uefisecapp.img
192K    ./aop.img
236K    ./keymaster.img
404K    ./hyp.img
1,0M    ./abl.img
2,9M    ./tz.img
3,5M    ./xbl.img
16M    ./dtbo.img
96M    ./boot.img
96M    ./vendor_boot.img
147M    ./modem.img
280M    ./system_ext.img
710M    ./vendor.img
948M    ./product.img
2,6G    ./system.img
4,9G    .

Does this mean that LineageOS-microG images are broken in some way or something?


Apr 12, 2009
I had the same issues with newer versions for Pixel 5, only initial 18.1 works fine. LineageOS for microG have huge issues with connectivity for redfin, they even don't have reachable support anywhere...

Update: I just managed to install a version of Lineage-18.1-20211021-microg-redfin-recovery.img (newest) with a fully operating MicroG and a working flawlessly WiFi/cellular connectivity - I used CalyxOS installer (to update Pixel 5 firmware during the installation), then I unlocked the bootloader (in CalyxOS dev. options and later in fastboot by typing "fastboot flashing unlock" through adb), and get rid of Calyx by making a wipe and install LineageOS recovery and LineageOS for microG image.

CalyxOS has installation module for Pixel 4, so I hope it could be helpful for you.
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