Question WiFi seems to be disconnecting overnight

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Jan 11, 2023
I thought this was an issue with my ISP or WiFi, but now I think it's an issue with the phone.

Many nights a week, I notice that my podcast feeds haven't updated as scheduled. This worked most of the time on my previous phone (S10). The logging (or lack of it) implies WiFi wasn't on at the time and so it didn't try to update.

The other thing is that I noticed when I woke up the phone screen, a bunch of notifications and their sounds from different apps happened in succession. These weren't scheduled, as it happened at some random time like 7:17am. My Do Not Disturb setting is set for 10:30pm to 6:30am.

At times (with both phones) I've noticed the WiFi in the morning just isn't connected. Sometimes I had to tap the SSID to make it connect, other times I had to disconnect and reconnect, other times I had to disable WiFi and re-enable. These instances may have been a mix of the phone, the router, and the ISP, but I can't tell, and they're not often.

I think most likely it's a mix of my ISP being troublesome and making my router freak out (that has happened a lot during the day), and Samsung's software being over-vigilant, maybe in trying to optimize connection or battery or something.

Regardless, I'm trying to figure out what I can look at or do on the S22 to find out what's wrong (logging or tracking somewhere?) or troubleshoot it or fix it. There could just be some odd one-off setting somewhere, but I've gone through a lot and it's a rabbit hole and nothing I've changed yet seems to get at least my podcasts to update overnight. The notifications only happening when I turn the screen on hasn't happened much, and it's a minor issue anyway (since I don't often wake up after 7).