Wifi Version or HSPA+ ???? Also will 3G N7 make calls????

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Oct 8, 2010
San Diego, CA
depends on you. my friend is waiting on the 3G model so he can play with voip. if you set it up right, you can in a way replace your phone and use a bluetooth headset for calls. it really depends on your network, some people complain about call quality, but at the least you get internet EVERYWHERE.


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Oct 9, 2012
I live in a place with no wifi connectivity but still can connect to internet via dongle after rooting thru PPP widget....But my Question is whether the 3g n7 is really worth it???

Even i am from india,Actuly due to some lacks or specs like no voice calls/sms maybe it can fail in our country..But its not confirmed yet about its voice call capability .