WIFI / Wimax in Europe?

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Oct 18, 2007
I'm going to be travelling a bit this year... I know CDMA won't work in most of Europe... and we don't have world/GSM radios or sim...

Wifi will work universally right? 802.11b/g/n?

But I would have to stay within range of a hotspot...

Any chance anyone has had experience connecting Evo 4G via WIMAX to another service provider? Or is that verbotten?

Wimax 802.16 is a standard no? But they may be operating at a different frequency than our 2500mhz? I thought I read somewhere they operate it on 3500mhz?

Would be wicked sweet to have full voip, talktome, google maps, layar and all while on the roam and not pay disgusting prices...

Also going to Bermdua... I notice northrock.bm does have wimax - but they also seem to be 3500mhz.... our phones don't have that kind of frequency range right? if it's intended for 2500 it may use +/- 100mhz or so - but not +/- 1ghz right?

Anyone have any input?

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