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Will google ever fix the camera app? :/

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Oct 31, 2014
i'm not sure what triggered that ridiculous response, but i can assure you that my reading comprehension skills are easily on par with yours at the very least. YOU indicated the issue may have been brought up in 47E, not me.

Like I said. You obviously CAN'T READ, because that is the OPPOSITE of what I suggested.


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Jul 28, 2010
New Jersey
Like I said. You obviously CAN'T READ, because that is the OPPOSITE of what I suggested.

I've never used video camera on a phone, so I had to test it to validate this claim. Looks like it is a problem with the 'continuous auto-focus' feature. Apparently the 47E build has newer camera binaries (I've heard some people claim....), possibly this is why?

doitright, life is too short to bother with clowns such as yourself. good luck to you in all that you do. you must be a prize around the ladies. hope things get better for you man. i really do. in the meantime, ignore...
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Oct 17, 2014
Forgot to link L Camera on github. Was tired last night.
True, it's not "solved" but is a great work around. It's been able to allow me to take great videos without any hassle at all.

Manual cam is another one (Is in play store) Was also mentioned.

It's good to know though that the problem is with the software and not the hardware itself.

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    its a phone are u serious? if your looking for a camera with a phone then go to windows

    The nexus 6 is a phone with a camera. Besides even in your post u stated u cant download another app. Right there proves u wrong.

    Lol ok, you need to take the fanboy hat off. Firstly i've had every Nexus phone since the Nexus S , love them, but the camera app is just poor and lacking features.

    Oh and go back and read my post again, i said ... not if you want 60fps or 120fps slow motion. ( which btw the OnePlus One can do with the same sensor!) .. get off your high horse

    "its a phone are u serious? if your looking for a camera with a phone then go to windows"
    This is beyond stupid, how many Android phones out there have MUCH better camera apps than Nexus branded devices ???? ?nearly all of them

    The fanboy in you is shocking.
    Why is it so hard for google to fix the camera app and the camera quality issues that plague android? I was expecting them to fix it with the 5.1 update , but no luck, if you ask apple fans why they think the iphone is superior , the only thing they have going for them is camera quality. All I'm asking is that they reduce the time it takes to take a HDR+ picture , because without HDR+ the nexus 6 camera is kinda meh, implement an auto HDR+ mode, let us actually use burst mode, timelapse, that's pretty much it.... I don't want to install 3 different camera apps to get features that should be stock ...

    Totally agree, nexus 6 is finally a google phone with a good sensor and lens, and they ruin it with a camera app stuck in 2012.
    Things missing:

    - 60 fps video
    - auto HDR
    - HDR Video
    - burst mode
    - slow motion
    - manual settings for ISO and shutter speed
    - touch focus & manual focus during videos
    - stutter free zoom
    - stereo sound recording
    camera issues - all fixable with software

    Under certain, very narrow circumstances the stock camera and app take a decent still picture.

    HDR+ is requisite. Strong but indirect light is also necessary or issues will crop up.

    I would rate it (MY OPINION) to be B+ to A- if those two conditions are met. In other words, pretty damn good.

    Else it fails miserably as an easy to use camera - expected on a phone. No illusions about it being a pro device. Point and shoot.

    I reject the simplistic strawman argument "it's not the camera it's the photographer". This is truly the voice of a lay photographer and a condescending one as well. A proper automatic camera should produce good to very good images most of the time, not just when conditions are ideal.

    The video camera is a complete disaster.

    Exposure compensation is primitive. Signal to noise is borderline bad.

    The test to demonstrate the almost complete absence of CLEAN exposure compensation is easily replicated:

    Place someone in front of a single color wall (or a sky) with the source of light behind you. You know, like you were doing a simple video shoot.. Slowly pan up and down and observe the camera adjust exposure , this is referred to as stair-stepping, and blinks as it adjusts.

    A video camera makes these transitions smoothly in all but the most extreme circumstances. The iPhone, for example, is like butter with these transitions of bright/contrast. The human eye is also smooth. The N6 is abrupt, choppy and - for video - useless.

    The third party video apps allow you to "lock exposure" which is fine for an interview or an otherwise fixed exposure setting. But no one shoots video like that because as soon as ANY movement happens, the scene is over or under-exposed.

    What frustrates me is these issues are not rooted with the hardware. They are the video codec and processing. The APIs allow for access to raw .DNG files for stills (which is cool) but the developers have no access to the core processing math for the video. The APIs are hooks to features, not the chewy center.

    As noted by others, if Google gave two hoots about this they could fix it.

    My $0.02. And, in case you ask, I shoot professional video all the time. I harbor no illusions about what this N6 should be capable of delivering. I also am fine if you think it works to your satisfaction. But do not represent yourself as an expert because you shot indoor photos and used them in a publication because that is a specious argument about the overall quality of the device as a camera.
    Google will seemingly never fix the camera, since the Nexus S its been bad.

    To think that they have worked with Samsung / LG / Motorola and HTC ! They never have mentioned anything about a serious camera software update, all those companies have way way better camera software ! With all their money and research they still can't make a half decent camera app. . . . . . its utterly ridiculous ! They can send internet across 3rd world countries / build a self driving car / build a modular smartphone but camera app is totally out their reach !

    I'll eat my own nipple hair if the camera app is deemed up to scratch with other OEM's buy then end of 2015 !
    Far from a fan boy. Just getting ridiculous with people complaining about a non issue. How is the camera lacking features when it was provided just recently? the google camera is new back in april 2014. So no sure what u mean by poor and lacking features. If thats the case then the google now launcher and is poor and lacking features. Do some research fanboy

    Lol you're making yourself look ridiculous.

    So apparently because it was given to us in April 2014 means its perfect? LOL
    HTC, Samsung , Sony, OnePlus ( Oneplus btw has the same damn sensor so its 100% capable ) ... All of their Android devices offer :

    Slow motion
    HDR in video
    better autofocus while recording video

    The list is actually pretty long from whats lacking on the Nexus camera app, sorry but if you can't see that , you're straight up blind, either physically or mentally