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Will it all be for nothing?

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Jan 5, 2011
Hi everyone...first time caller, long time (ago) listener, but novice.

I have an S9 that I used for home and work. Work made me encrypt the phone.

I have about 2 years of photos (the whole pandemic!) on there, and I'm usually really good at backing up regularly, and no I don't use any cloud backup because I didn't want a wayward sync to obliterate anything.

And of course, I obliterated myself by accidentally putting my case on upside down, somehow invoking a factory rest.

So now I have a reset phone, which I've tried to use various utilities to recover the photos from (I only care about the photos), but all of them say that to go deep, you need to root it. And from what I hear, S9s are really hard to root.

But XDA gives me hope,...but before I go down the forum rabbit hole, I hope to get confirmation that the fact that it was originally encrypted isn't basically setting me up for failure. I know the code, but I don't know if the reset-of-an-encrypted phone is basically a non-starter.

Would I be wasting my time? Or if I root it with some XDA posted solution, would something like Disk Drill or D-Back be able to get my pictures back?