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Question Will the Verizon or AT&T 6 Pro models be unlocked?

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Jul 22, 2010
Nexus 6
Samsung Galaxy S9+
I didn't. It was easier to just return it and go to Best Buy. No hassle.
So when you returned it did they like do an even exchange? I traded in my pixel 5 which took off $200 but it was technically traded into verizon even though I brought it into best buy and they examined it and had me sign (Im pretty sure at least) and I financed the phone through Verizon so I only paid Best Buy like $60 when I picked up the phone. In my case would I be able to do what you did in terms of returning this locked Verizon one and getting an unlocked one instead? THank you!

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    I've been buying unlocked phones for years and I can't remember the last time I bought from a carrier. But I can get a 6 Pro 256GB from one of those carriers for $500 through work so I'm thinking I might try.

    I guess the other thing I'd ask is if they've clarified if the Google-direct 6 Pro will support mm-wave/UWB 5G?
    Not sure about AT&T, but you buy a device from VZW, the bootloader is locked forever.

    Not only that, if you buy a device from the manufacturer (Google P6P) that VZW carries, you will not be able to ensure that device through VZW, and you'll lose done VZW specific features like free 25gb cloud.

    Might have changed over the last few years, but the way VZW is, I doubt it.

    Call VZW customer service and straight out ask what happens, what account features do you lose, if you buy a P6P directly from Google, and add it to your VZW account.

    I'll keep a 4 yr old device before I buy from a carrier again!
    I can confirm that unlocking the AT&T version, does indeed ungrey the bootloader unlock option in the developer settings. I contacted AT&T to request an unlock a couple days ago, and this morning I got a notification on my phone that it was now unlocked. I didn't have to input an unlock code, it was all done remotely. After that, I could input my Verizon sim along with me using my Esim (that's enrolled with AT&T service), and run a dual sim set up. I checked the developer settings after getting the notification, and found the bootloader unlock option was no longer greyed out. So it appears there is hope for those that wish to unlock their bootloader. They just have to carrier unlock the phone first.
    Sorry if lot sounds like I'm being too specific on this, but did you fully pay off the phone and ask AT&T to unlock it? I'm sure the bootloader is locked at first, but they've always allowed phones to be unblocked and that to the best of my knowledge. And they have to carrier unlock it before you'd be able to bootloader unlock it.

    On the offline note, I'm pretty sure there's a way around that offline. In some cases, I bring it was earlier Samsung Galaxy phones, your had to tap a hidden white hotspot area on the instruction screen several times and it would move forward offline. Just FWIW.
    I didn't. It was easier to just return it and go to Best Buy. No hassle.
    I've always bought unlockable phones, but Android has gotten to the point, where most of the things I rooted for are now baked in. The only thing not in there is ad blocking, but by adding dns.adblocking in settings, I don't need root for anything anymore. I think I'm going to enjoy having everything working and not having to fiddle with my phone. Wait, did I really just say that?
    I tried offline setup and it first tells you it needs cellular or wifi to verify something. Then after connecting to wifi it says it can't be unlocked. Tried this on a 256gb p6p Verizon