Question Will there be Tab S8 Ultra 5G?

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    It looks like there is going to be an Ultra with 5G for US. But I assume it would be for either AT&T and T-mobile or both. I see that there is SM-X906U model and it is not yet released just like what Samsung's website says, "AT&T and T-Mobile Coming Soon!" when you select Tab S8 Ultra.
    If you can buy from here you can get a unlocked unbranded version.

    So does the 5g work on T-mobile on these 5g models? Looking at the Ultra, looks like it works out to about $1656.18
    Here in AUS my carrier provided me with the X906B model
    Surprised Samsung US dont have it on their site - Thats disappointing!
    I'm still waiting for the S8 Ultra 5G for tmobile. Hell I'll even pay extra for an unlocked one. Not sure why it's taking so long for a 5G version to come out for the US.