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Question Will you be unlocking BL/Rooting

Will you be unlocking BL/Rooting your Pixel 6?

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Yeah I'm still on the fence. I know the original dev isn't working on magisk hide anymore. Hopefully someone will pick up the torch. At least from what I gathered reading the forums you have to flash several items now to get everything working correctly. And some phones it seems you have to figure out the right combination of stuff. Then when Google patches the exploits we currently use we are pretty much dead in the water unless a new dev steps in. I may just run stock locked BL for a bit until I see how everything plays out.


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No I won't. I'm not rooting since Android 10. I think Android 10 was the last Android which root really makes sense. After Android 10 and with Android 11 I think root just makes headache. And new Android's have everything I need. I think it's just like jailbreaking iPhone. When iPhone 6 first released jailbreaking was very good and useful then after iPhone 11 years jailbreaking became just headache because ios got everything useful from jailbreak tweaks and integrated them.

I was a Samsung guy when Galaxy S5 in market, it was the best Android in that time and after S5 they decided to build everything up to Knox security thing and unlocking BL was burning fuse unrecoverable way. Then I moved to couple Xiaomi's, used them a bit and moved to OnePlus. All my Android's was unlocked and rooted until Android 11 update with OnePlus 8 Pro. I didn't feel anything is not there and broken. Everything was Okay and was like what I want from phone. Then after seeing that I decided to move back to Samsung S21(This month) because I finally can feel Android was top notch OS without any unofficial modifications. Probably you guys think Samsung has too many bloats in it yeah it is but that is not our topic in here.

I hope I was able to tell and describe what I don't need root anymore and not rooting my phone anymore.


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Sep 22, 2008
They blocked root on the TVs at the bequest of content holders (think piracy) which is somewhat self-serving as they are increasingly entering that area themselves.

As to unlocking the bootloader it's unlikely they will block it: They've been enjoying the free R&D all along and the insight into the changes that people want is extremely useful. It's not an accident that root became less valuable; they've been watching and folding in changes people made with root all along. This kind of information isn't something they can gather during internal testing without great cost if at all. This isn't just me thinking it out; Rubin and other have commented over time about just how important the community had been and how much it's informed development.

As to root; yes and no. I've got a Fold 2 right now and I'm never going back to my dad's rectangle. Never. I was hoping for word of the much rumored Pixel Fold during the announcement but no joy. When that thing comes out, yeah, I'm rooting the crap out of it because... Screw the man!
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Aug 1, 2011
Google Pixel 6 Pro
I was a big time user of Titanium backup in the day. I liked being able to backup my data as well as my apps and move them to another phone or ROM. I hate having to start over on things I track, whether it be a game or anything else. It's been so long since I rooted, I'm like a newbie again. I was reading where another program replaced Titanium as the best backup. I still have my license saved, but it is of no use without root.
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Oct 24, 2012
We have to KNOW if we can even root as multiple people wondered. I'm in the same boat.

For me, rooting is a MUST. I need call recording, no matter what. It makes my life - both personal and business - so much easier. I don't use my recordings to sue people, I don't want to scare them with some robot voice, beep, or anything else saying "NOW YOU ARE RECORDED". It's there so I don't need pen & paper on me 24-7 while I have a device that was capable of call recording for many, many years.

I am aware that it's illegal in some countries (ridiculous tbh), but it is not in mine. In recent years not once have I had to touch the files to argue with someone or threaten someone. Not a single time. But oh boy, did they save me so many times. Like the client goes "I'll take this and that". Yepp, try to listen, remember when others are talking to you and you are working on something as well. Good luck.

Guess my post kinda turned into a dissertation of "why I think call recording is important" but hey.
So yeah, if we can root, I sure as hell will. Otherwise, the phone is a no-go for me.

Ps.: Forced security is moronic in my opinion. See Windows 11. Super cool that big mega-corporations can now further lock down and secure their laptops. Cool. But why would I care about that? Why would my grandma care about that? Most people just use their machines without even any passwords. But no. The draconian Microsoft has decided that NOW you WILL BE secure (cue laugh track). I really hope Google is not taking this road. Samsung's e-fuse is as annoying as it is.


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Mar 27, 2010
I will definitely be bootloader unlocking and rooting my 6 Pro. I wonder if Titanium Backup will work on Android 12. I've never tried Google's built-in transfer tool.

If root is not possible, I will send it back. It's non-negotiable!


Sep 25, 2018
If I get one, then yes. I need that F-Droid privileged extension. If someone like Samsung would bake that in, I'd be less inclined to root (though it still helps to get rid of bloatware and tracking nonsense).


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Jan 8, 2011
Google Pixel 6 Pro
Hmm ... after many years of rooting, tweaking and building my own ROMs and Magisk modules, I will first try to use the Pixel 6 unrooted. I currently own a OnePlus (rooted) with a Magisk module to hide the OnePlus bloatware, set Google props so I can use all Google apps and do adblocking via the hosts file. As I'm in the Google ecosystem anyway, I don't mind the Google apps on the Pixel 6 (even if I may not use some of them - can be "hidden" anyway in e.g. Nova Launcher's app drawer). Then the only thing is the adblocking ... but with an ad blocking DNS that might be solved). Then there is still the trick to "disable" apps via the ADB command line. I've never tried it like that but "pm disable --use 0 <pkg>" should normally work without root to disable specific packages/APKs.

I pre-ordered this morning ... delivery expected 9/10 Nov ... I'll repost here once I have the device.


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Mar 13, 2009
Peekskill, NY
I have been using a OnePlus 7 pro since it has been released. It was getting to the point where I was rooting just for ad block. But the ad block dns works good enough for me so I haven't rooted a phone in forever. Don't think I will with this phone but I got the unlocked version just so I know if I need to I can. Also this dual partitions kind of scared me off from rooting when Google introduced those.


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Aug 10, 2010
Ann Arbor
This might be the first device I don't root since 2008. I'll allow bootloader unlocking in the developer settings just in case I change my mind though.

I kind of want to see what life is like with Google Pay and other things that I've lived without for years being rooted. Magisk Hide is going away and I need to get used to life without it.
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I'm going to keep the bootloader locked until I see root. I need my Gpay. But, I will likely root if/when it happens. I NEED darq to use dark mode on every app that it works right on. I just can't with the bright white, hurts my eyes. Also, viper4android is pretty much a must, and swift backup is nice to have as well. Outside of those things, I wouldn't need it. But those are major for me, soo.

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    I realize this is common; however, I just looked at the build number on my wife's old VZW Pixel 3, and the build number is identical to the latest public version available on Google's site. So it does not appear that Verizon is using private firmware. Bootloader version is the same, too. So if those components are the same, what else would prevent bootloader unlock?
    I think Verizon encrypts the bootloader, preventing it from being able to be unlocked. They actually may have Google do the encrypting for them. So you can have the same bootloader versions, but the ones on the Verizon models have been encrypted to prevent unlocking the bootloader.

    At least that is the way I understand it.
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    Bootloader successfully unlocked. I will just run everything stock for now - this is just so I don't have to wipe the device later after I have completed full setup and transferred all my data.

    BL unlocked and root before opening the box.

    Under no circumstances I will own a phone (or a computer, for the shake of it) that sends any data to servers of Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and the likes.

    Cloud is just the marketing shiite to refer to someone else's computer.

    Therefore I need root to remove all the crap, to do backups against my own computers, to have a proper firewall that blocks domains and IPs of unwanted servers, and so on.
    On this topic, any idea if we'll be able to root and unlock the bootloader since it'll be the new tensor chip? I'm asking because on Samsung devices I remember being able to unlock only the Exynos and not Snapdragon, and I may be asking something silly here. Thanks!
    If it can be unlocked/rooted, then I plan to buy. If not, I'll have to reconsider. I realize nowadays there's smaller need to flash, but it's kinda a hobby of mine and I like being able to tinker with my device(y)
    Rooting is part of the unpacking process. Before root the device is not truly yours, you just have a guest account on the device.
    Root ofc, but who would need custom ROMs on a Pixel with 5 years of software updates? :D