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Question Will you be unlocking BL/Rooting

Will you be unlocking BL/Rooting your Pixel 6?

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Senior Member
Mar 27, 2010
If no root, I'll probably go back to OnePlus. This is my first Pixel device and I was hoping for decent development.
Wellll, the Android 12 update for OnePlus devices will go the full ColorOS route. So it will be more of an Oppo device than a OnePlus.

My Pixel 4 XL has one more OS update ahead so I'm good for now. But I do hope I can actually use my 6 Pro, otherwise, that'd be a waste of 900 bucks haha!


Recognized Developer
Apr 9, 2010
New York
Google Pixel C
Google Pixel 2 XL
This time I've said no but if there is a healthy custom scene then it will be a consideration.

The trade off will be having to see what we lose in unlocking the bootloader and rooting.
The trade-off will always be the features that need to be reverse engineered; NGA, Active Edge, Motion Sense, etc..


Senior Member
Sep 13, 2010
Google Pixel 6 Pro
After the Nexus 6, I've used only Samsung and OnePlus devices so I'm excited to get back to bloat free stock Android. That said, as bloated as Samsungs are, they offer unmatched customization not present in stock Android.

Features I love on Samsung that I'm hoping to get back rooting the Pixel 6 Pro:

-Gesture Navigation options (Hide the bar; Swipe up from the bottom is much more efficient on curved displays)
-Theming and font options
-Clock placement options
-Lockscreen and Always On Display customization
-Always on Display scheduling
-Quick Settings / Notification panel customization

After testing out Android 12, it has a nice clean base, but the customization options are very limited. OxygenOS 10 was the last great balance of clean experience with added customization but OOS is evolving into the cluttered ColorOS. A Pixel 6 Pro with some tweaks could be the perfect phone.


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Jul 17, 2018
It's not 5 years of software updates. It's 5 years of security updates. Software update is standard 3 years. Another disappointment I know. Google are kings of semantics and half truths.

Doesn't really matter. Anyone with a little bit of self respect will be building from source anyway, and my Nexus 6 (made in 2014) is running very nicely with AOSP11.

Solomon M

Oct 31, 2017

I could tolerate a wait for ROOT / ROMs; But Customizability beyond stock is a necessity for me!

The Pixel 2 (Walleye) I have been using as my main since 2017 during the first months it was stock; After, Unlocked the bootloader and Rooted with Magisk AND Twrp; and after the support stopped from Google in Dec 2020, I used LinageOS --Which I enjoyed most with OpenGApps.

Google factory Images
Magisk Github Releases
LineageOS Walleye

Being that Root is important to me I will likely want the same from this phone.

And Users Wouldn't need Root if all the capabilities of Having root where sandboxed and requested, specific actions could be enabled if it had a scheme to follow to request and pass some type of security check before being granted the permissions to control the hardware or feature such as the LED color on front, or to clear some files that might be causing a problem such as Batterystats.bin (which is a file that will be created if not present).
SIDENOTE: I get this issue is controversial: Batterystats.bin comments thread. I have used this method (WITH SUCCESS), removing the Batterystats.bin file: that resolved issues that a factory reset from stock recovery wouldn't fix with my Pixel 2 --MYSELF IS THE SOURCE. (believe what you will about it, that's not the topic here.) But NOT having the option to try because no ROOT is different than having it and believing it did something, when it may not have.....

Users want control of their device in many different ways like this: which ROMS And ROOT provide easy access to.

I value also being able to use my phone with NFC payment method, playing certain DRM content, or Not having to hide root from a banking app or game that doesn't want you to cheat: but I would gladly sacrifice more if that gave me the access I need to repair an issue without factory resetting the phone (Losing all my customizations and data that isn't restored automatically), or not feel like I am locked into only having what is given such as preinstalled apps --that waste space!
If you have a replacement App, such as Nova Launcher for the Pixel Launcher. Wouldn't it be nice if the system just checks if all functionality is provided by another app before it is set to default launcher (for example: then allow the user to uninstall all others and leave just one to be that default. Otherwise the only way to get that space back is to: Root Or ROM)

If after some time Google thru a FW update locks the bootloader --Preventing unlocks, OR I am not able to access Root features upon waiting a reasonable time, OR If I wanted but couldn't replace stock with a ROM after the first year: I will be questioning my purchase. (That is not likely to happen)

But yes, I am excited to be getting another Pixel because almost all my experience with the Pixel 2 has been good.

I really would enjoy if the ROM community for the Pixel 6 Pro receives the same attention as the Pixel 2.

roirraW "edor" ehT

Recognized Contributor
for those that said they would return the phone if you can't root, Google only has a 15 day return window. Is there any chance we would know that soon about root?
There's a chance, sure. If it's as simple as unlocking the bootloader and flashing magisk without a custom recovery.

I'd rather wait until the official firmware zip is available to help recover if anything goes wrong, though.
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    I realize this is common; however, I just looked at the build number on my wife's old VZW Pixel 3, and the build number is identical to the latest public version available on Google's site. So it does not appear that Verizon is using private firmware. Bootloader version is the same, too. So if those components are the same, what else would prevent bootloader unlock?
    I think Verizon encrypts the bootloader, preventing it from being able to be unlocked. They actually may have Google do the encrypting for them. So you can have the same bootloader versions, but the ones on the Verizon models have been encrypted to prevent unlocking the bootloader.

    At least that is the way I understand it.
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    Bootloader successfully unlocked. I will just run everything stock for now - this is just so I don't have to wipe the device later after I have completed full setup and transferred all my data.

    BL unlocked and root before opening the box.

    Under no circumstances I will own a phone (or a computer, for the shake of it) that sends any data to servers of Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and the likes.

    Cloud is just the marketing shiite to refer to someone else's computer.

    Therefore I need root to remove all the crap, to do backups against my own computers, to have a proper firewall that blocks domains and IPs of unwanted servers, and so on.
    On this topic, any idea if we'll be able to root and unlock the bootloader since it'll be the new tensor chip? I'm asking because on Samsung devices I remember being able to unlock only the Exynos and not Snapdragon, and I may be asking something silly here. Thanks!
    If it can be unlocked/rooted, then I plan to buy. If not, I'll have to reconsider. I realize nowadays there's smaller need to flash, but it's kinda a hobby of mine and I like being able to tinker with my device(y)
    Rooting is part of the unpacking process. Before root the device is not truly yours, you just have a guest account on the device.
    Root ofc, but who would need custom ROMs on a Pixel with 5 years of software updates? :D