Question Will Z-Flip 3 cases fit the Z-Flip 4?

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Jun 5, 2015
Im sure it will "fit" like most samsung cases they make slight changes each gen to make them not fit perfect. Have run into this issue going from s20fe to s21fe.


Jan 31, 2017
Interesting case. is it as chunky as it looks though?

Haha this was the first hinge protective case I found as I was pretty scared to skateboard tricks without a hinge protected case (for example before this I had the default white silicone case by Samsung).

When the black case is open, the hinge protector protrudes as much as the part with the supportive 'leg', say 3 mm.

Material feels rubberised plastic, and the black one is pitch black color. I paid Ali shipping, and they sent the case by DHL, so 1 week to NL.

I never dropped Flip 3 5G or 4 ... the case (both) make the phone sit good in hand. Without a case ... both phones felt very 'slippery'.


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Aug 25, 2022
It can fit, but it is slightly off and can press on one of the side buttons a little which may cause it to change the screen oddly like some kind of looping ( I read) so they removed the flip3 case from the flip4 and the looping stopped


Aug 20, 2010
My Samsung Aramid case fits, but has a slight misalignment over the flash module.
I've found the bottom right lip of the top part of the case (below power button) doesn't grip the body properly so the case keeps pinging off. Really annoying Samsung haven't made one for the Flip 4. The closest I can find is from Latercase.


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Aug 30, 2010
My official samsung leather flip 3 case while fits the flip 4 has volume rocker issues which render it useless. Not really caring as samsung offered 900 buck for it so I ended paying 150 for the flip 4 but it came with a rubbery case with a loop and I got the awesome bud pro 2, which is really what I wanted anyway, Gonna sell the flip 4 as I have an s22 ultra. I just wanted the buds.

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    My Samsung Aramid case fits, but has a slight misalignment over the flash module.