Wilyo WT829/ZonnYou 829/UNIWA L829/LTE829 4G 8" phablet 1Gb RAM, 16Gb ROM, MTK6735m

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Jul 3, 2013
Wilyo WT829/ZonnYou 829/UNIWA L829/LTE829 4G 8" phablet 1Gb RAM, 16Gb ROM, MTK6735m

Wilyo WT829/ZonnYou 829/UNIWA L829/LTE829 4G 8" phablet 1Gb RAM, 16Gb ROM, MTK6735m
Hello guys!
I bought it at Aliexpress with super fake specifications:

Tablet Data Capacity: 64GB
Network Communiction: Built-in 3G,Bluetooth,Wifi,4G LTE,External 3G
Screen Size: 8"
Extend Port: 3G External,DC Jack,OTG,TF card,USB
Package: Yes
Supporting Language: English,Russian,Spanish,Swedish,Portuguese,Turkish,Italian,German,Chinese,French,Japanese,Polish,Ukrainian,Greek,Hebrew
Feature: GPS,Multi Touch,G Sensor,Phone Call,FM,OTG,Ultra Slim,Dual Cameras
Memory Capacity: 4GB
Operating System: Android 5.1
Display resolution: 2560x1600
Cell Capacity: 5000mah
Processor Model: mtk6752
Camera: 5.0MP*13.0MP
size: 12.2*21.0*0.9 CM

Well, when I received it at frirst I scan its specifications by specdevice.apk... And what I checked? I checked that at order list all specifications were fake! At real specifications are: Display size: 1280x800, processor: mtk6735m, processor cores: 4, RAM: 1Gb, ROM: 16Gb
Nice? I think too...

Of course I like some programs at android those need "root". So, I find this post and these sentences:
Root access

Usually Mediatek devices come rooted out of the factory with a SuperUser toggle to enable in the security settings, this device does not but I found a way to flash SuperSU using the stock recovery.

This process has been tested but it might soft brick your phone and, as of today, there is no FlashTool flashable rom that will recover a device from such brick state.

Anyway, if you feel brave enough, download this zip (please don't re-host it or alter the link as I would like to track down the download statistics) and copy it to your MicroSD card.
Power off the device and turn it on keeping VOL+ and Power until you see some tiny text.
Select the first option (Recovery mode), use VOL+ to navigate and VOL- to confirm.
Once booted to stock recovery select "apply update from sdcard" using VOL+/- to navigate and POWER to confirm, and select the zip file you copied to the MicroSD.
After the flash has completed you will be back to recovery's main screen and just select "reboot system now".

PS: this zip file should work with any MT67** device running a stock Mediatek recovery

PPS: DO NOT apply any incremental ota update after flashing the root zip, flash ONLY flash tool roms when and if they will be available
Ok, I thought that I found cool info!!! And of course I thought that without "root" I can't create backup... It was my big mistake
After "rooted" I turned on my device at normal mode and I had only logo 4G
Now I know that the rooted process killed my system area
You know that at zip file SuperSU_Y100_Pro.zip there is scatter file with bad adresses:
cache 0x6b000000
userdata 0x84000000
but my correct adresses are
cache 0x9e000000
userdata 0xb7000000
So, if you buy the same device please before making anything with your system, please, create ROM's of your areas
I made this photo when I read logs files at "recovery mode"... The fist column is a start adress of some area, the second column is its length. So, you can create ROM's of all area by SP Flash Toll
If you are reading this post and you have this device, please, will link me your ROM of system area. I need it to repair my device... Maybe you can upload your ROM's at needrom.com or anywhere, but please help me to repair my device.

Big thanks and regards, dfgigger
Sorry for my bad english...
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Jul 3, 2013
Well guys, hello!
Of course some people help me and I have the working device.
So if you need the ROMs of the device you can download it here: yadi.sk/d/FUZbL2SIm8P4D
And of course if you need the root you can make it to translate this post of at111: 4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=686534&view=findpost&p=45257858