Win10Tile - native, custom Windows 10 tiles with jump list and context menu

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Jan 25, 2015
EdgeTile Creators a good option

EdgeTile Creators still works.



Sep 23, 2015
Hello there,

Would you have any solution to be able to customize Steam games icons, Epic games icons, or windows Programs icons like the new calc ?

thank you !



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Oct 15, 2009
Is there any Tile Manager that can handle the new transparent tile system in Windows 10 20H2? Whenever I create tiles with MyTile and .png files it adds a solid background to the .png files and I have to manually remove the background from the .png after the creation.

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    Update 19.08.16: New design and a lot of refactoring. You can search now! Tiles are now saved with a filename-specific name. This means that tiles for applications in a common folder can be created! Added solution to MS Office applications (see below).
    Update 18.11.15: Separate images for small tiles supported (just don't select one if you want to use the same.) Deleting a custom tile is now possible (just click delete :p)
    Update 16.11.15: Startmenu items are not listed recursively, i.e., also startmenu subfolders are supported.

    Dear all,

    since Th2, Windows 10 allows for custom tiles via a visualmanifest.xml again. I created a small application that allows you to create custom tiles for any item in your startmenu. As this is completely native, jump lists and context menus are fully working and no other services are needed.

    The app is extremely simple. It lists all your (root) shortcuts of your startmenu. Simply select one item (application target is then the location where the shortcut points to) and select an image. Hit save and you are done. Pin the shortcut as usual to your startscreen. The image is copied to the application directory.

    If you intend to create tiles for apps like calculator, please consider the excellent tutorial given here:

    The app requires administrator privelegs to modify the creation time of the shortcut (otherwise the tile won't be refreshed).

    Download: (Disclaimer: You are on your own. I take no responsibility for whatsoever. App requests highest available rights.)

    Source: I am releasing this source under CC BY-NC-SA: "This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon your work non-commercially, as long as they credit you and license their new creations under the identical terms." I.e. modify it, publish it with source for free and give me credit. Program is written in c# (2013). The rar includes the complete Visual Studio solution.

    App screenshot:

    Possible result:

    Icons mostly by

    Solution to MS Office applications:
    It is not possible to create custom tiles for MS Office applications such as MS Word, Excel, etc. using this application. Somehow a custom tileimage in the corresponding visualelementsmanifest is ignored. However, it is easy to change the tile-images!
    1) Navigate to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15\LogoImages (For Office16, @razmth reports to look at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\LogoImages)
    2) Replace the respective tileimages. You only need to replace the -100.png images for a medium tile! For example, simply change the WinWordLogo.scale-100.png with a custom MS Word medium tile.
    3) Startmenu entry must be refreshed. Select the <NameOfMSOfficeApplication>.lnk in MyTile (it will point to something xlicons.exe). Click on refresh.
    Note: The original visualelementsmanifest.xml must remain. If you change them via this app, the above workaround does not work anymore. Get them from some other office installation and copy them over. You can manually edit them (via, e.g., Notepadd++) to change the color or hide the name. Afterwards refresh (see 3).

    An existing visualelementsanifest.xml in the target application root will be overwritten. An existing *filename*-mytile.png in the target application root will be overwritten.
    Ok, I think, I repaired that issue. Please, try this version and tell me how it's working or not :p

    I pretty much like win10Tile. But now I'm a bit confused when it comes to Tentile. Is it simply an awesome update that is bugged and we're hoping the dev keeps on working on it?
    I'm still working on it, but I'm learning everything when I write this code, so keep calm, it's not as easy as i thought :)

    I probably get a bit off-topic now, but bet you could help me out here, too.
    As Tentile works for standard program tiles pretty great, how could I realize some live tiles showing my steam games with my achievements and playtime or tiles which show some of my RSS feeds?

    I googled a ton of live tile or steam tile apps, but either they're not working the way they should or they are outdated.

    What are your favorite (live) tile apps or ways to make your custom tiles.?
    Is there maybe a guide somewhere on how to make tiles manually, without 3rd party apps?

    Thanks for your help.
    Although, keeping fingers crossed for an updated Tentiles version.
    unfortunately I can't help you with this. I just made here some simple things, thats all, making live tiles is not on my level :D
    Hi, i'm new here.
    I just made some few changes in your app and design.
    Now it's a lot easier to find app, to which you want to add tile, and now.... it's TENTILE :p

    Screenshot: i.imgur com/H1xc2li.png

    Download: com/folderview?id=0B2KTe6TUC_8HNmdMYjRER0poMzQ&usp=sharing
    (So sorry, new user, you must add dots before "com")

    I will try to add more things if when I will have more time :)
    I think I'm going to give development on this a shot. Going through the source, it looks simple enough. I am seeing a lot of potential issues with trying to get write access to Program folders. All of that work should be moved to an AppData folder.

    Only problem is I won't have a Win10 system up and running til this weekend.
    Awesome dude, it's mush easier to find apps now.
    No problem, I try do my best ;)

    For everyone, I pass my all exams, so I will have now time to sit on this app. Wait for updates :)