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Jan 10, 2018
Xiaomi Mi Pad 5
When installing the dualboot in windows, the pad5 when rebooting, began to give an infinite loop when booting. I tried uninstalling windows according to the tutorial in fastboot mode and it still loops. It flashes the global rom and it installs correctly but still with this loop of reboots. Please help.
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    It works very good!
    My wideo:
    Windows 11 ARM Xiaomi Pad 5
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    So there's this tutorial for installing windows 11 on Xiaomi Pad 5
    Simple and easy way unlike past methods. And it's available for all users
    It works using one click installer (chinese tool)
    The problem is that it lack a lot of details and support is only on chinese.
    Did anyone tried it?
    I searched on the internet no other websites or YouTube videos
    Yesterday I was about to install it and try it but the prompt box said there's a high risk of getting a bricked device and using Mi Flash Tool in fastboot won't help after updating the partitions so basically it's beyond my expertise.
    I already has the ArrowOS custom ROM not MIUI.
    And how can someone fix a bricked device after updating partitions.
    Thank you so much ❤️
    The video is great but the tool is much easier (one-click installation tool)
    I have no expertise in modifying partitions, so ur experience in ur mi 8 would be very valuable.
    I might need to ask u some questions when things get messed up if choose to proceed with it.
    yes, i can help you in this process, but it’s a bit different than xiaomi mi 8, because i did it 1 year ago, so, maybe I should be able to help only in cases of problems. If you can, post here a screenshot of the default partition lable.
    EDIT: if you want to dualboot, the process is a bit different, because you will have to shrink the userdata partition, not remove it completely. This way you should be able to use flash tool even with windows installed, but I'm not sure, because I'm not familiar with this guide. But remember that with the dualboot you will have less space in both operating systems.
    I'd recommend using commands instead of the automatic tool, but if you're not familiar with cmd, then you're free to do whatever you want. However, I leave the official guide (for dualboot)
    The same tool (Engage Machine Toolbox V2.1.2) Has a button to revert the partitions and make userdata last partition and delete the windows ones. Once that's done you simply reboot and will boot to android(in case it crashed in the middle of the process). If it still doesn't boot, flash with mi flash because it will work now, or use fastboot rom. Anything but clear all and lock. Do not use that option(I don't know why it's applied by default at mi flash startup+load images folder).
    I just bricked my mi pad 5 last night, struggled for several hours until I managed to revert it to Android. Still haven't been able to install Windows 11 on it. I reach the point in the gizmochina tutorial where it makes the partitions, it never asks for the wim file, throws error : no uefi or windows partitions found. Haven't tried to install manually, like create partitions and flash partitions using cmd.