windows 8.1

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Oct 2, 2014
Please make a windows version of your player for windows 8 that I can use on my surface pro 3. There is not one good movie player available. You will make good money.


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May 29, 2013
Read the FAQ before asking questions.

[STICKY] Welcome to Official MX Player Support Forum! - README, RULES, FAQ
Question: Will MX Player be ported over to iPhone/Blackberry/Windows Phone/Amazon Kindle?
Answer: The developer has no indicated intention of porting MX Player to any of those platforms. Until he says otherwise, this is unlikely to change. The various ecosystems are quite different. Additionally, the developer has said that MX Player works as well as it does because of certain efficiencies and packages found in the Android system that MX uses to its advantage.

This being said, on a Windows machine, you should really be using MPC-HC and/or CCCP.