Windows Mobile and WM_KEYDOWN/UP

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Jan 5, 2008
Hello, I am currently trying to catch all Keypresses of my HTC-Kaiser in
the weird thing is, that WM sends multiply Keydown events, if you press the button longer :( also "Char" keys like "a" give all the ProcessKey 229. only WM_CHAR gives the char :(

The normal D-Pad gives following:
KeyDown: ((-40
KeyDown: „„-132
KeyUp: ((-40
KeyUp: „„-132
there is always a "132" there which is not the case with the arrows in the slider keyboard.

The thing is, I would like to catch all hardware keys(including the softkeys).
Is there any api I can use to get around that? Anyone written a game in .net and managed it to catch all buttons with a keydown/keyup event?! Or by any other "way"?!

Everything is for my new project WiMoBlue