Windows Mobile - Services - less is NEVER more.

Do you use the MyPhone Service; Did it increase the perceived value of WM Devices?

  • Yes, I use MyPhone & killing it is a bad move.

    Votes: 70 80.5%
  • I have never used the MyPhone service.

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Retired Senior Moderator
Once again Microsoft has made the decision to scale back features for Windows Mobile users.

I received an email from Microsoft today indicating that they would be ending the service of two more Windows Mobile FEATURES.

The first service to be cut this time isn't too bad. Microsoft is terminating the Marketplace website within a few months. The site is scheduled to go offline forever on July 15, 2011. You will still be able to utilize the Marketplace mobile application to buy and download applications. No big deal right???

Then comes the decision that really chaps my hyde.

Microsoft is also discontinuing the MyPhone service ALL TOGETHER! :mad:

I don't know about you, but that was one of the features that I use frequently & even influenced my decision to use Windows Mobile instead of Android or the iPhone.

Microsoft heavily touted this feature in their information and marketing materials. One of the things I PAID FOR was the ability to backup ans sync my device information and it's location on a daily basis. Many cooks use the MyPhone service & I don't know anbody that hasn't had to use it a time or two.

Microsoft is terminating completely, the MyPhone service, both the website & the mobile device application on August 7, 2011.

This is an absolute tragedy & a terrible decision in my opinion & the opinions of all the users I personally interact with.

This was a great service & something that really set Microsoft apart from many other platforms. Say your phone died, you are out of town on business & need your contact, out came the old backup device 7 wham, minutes later you had your texts, contacts, email & documents back in your hands.

What is even more saddening, Microsoft is trying to sell us on the fact that SkyDrive is the superior product, that they are somehow helping us out & giving us a better solution to use. Where is SkyDrive mobile? Does it help me find my lost device? Can SMS & email messages be backed up & downloaded straight to my device through a neat & nicely integrated application? THE ANSWER IS NO!!! MyPhone is great for road warriors & is used by so many people I know. Not just the app, but the website that also saved this information from my previous device as well.

All I can say is that this is a MAJOR disappointment!

So, why do I buy Microsoft when they kill everything a year or two later?

Well, before this it was because I was a loyal user since the days of CE. Microsoft had a great development platform & was innovative. They really were first on the scene with barcode scanning though Elure, (Remember the stick-on magnifying glass?) It was great, but they let it die.

How about the promise of a great speach to text and search application? Tell me? No, really, TellMe. Microsoft bought TellMe & promised us this great application that first was developed for Blackberry :confused: & then never followed through with the application for Windows Mobile users.

Why is it that Microsoft develops competing technologies & then always dumps one without regard for what user want & actually use? I just can't understand why they never integrate the popular features of one service into it's successor. Why should you go out & buy WP7, The OS that took forever to come out & that they are already replacing? In my opinion you shouldn't That should tell you something, because I have been an avid supporter of Windows Mobile from the start, before the start. (Can you say Pocket PC 2002).

I am looking more & more at Android & will most likely be making a new acquisition soon.
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Aug 6, 2007
Gloucester, mebbe
I got the same email and althought my phone still has a till is cut off completely (the start of the move to sky drive is on the date you stated) and i also have been an avid supporter of window mobile since the early days, a user since windows CE 2002 and now a developer of applications for the platform, I suddenly feel i am presneted with a choice. Go with windows mobile or android. This presents me with 3 problems. Firstly, i have a little less than a year on my contract before i can upgrade (i can't afford to go out and just buy a new phone right now) and, secondly, i hate android with a passion. Don't get me wrong, it suits most people and i'm not a MS fanboy (boy used loosely since i'm alomst 30) but i just don't like the UI and i miss the feature set CHT brought to my windows mobile device and before that how easy it was to get around the stock windows user interface. Last of all i've not seen anything on windows Phone 7 that would sway me. I'm not an xbox user, i use copy and paste alot (i know there is an update for that coming/out) and most of all, from my reading, i need to go and buy a new WP7 HTC device to get the most out of it and most of them suck!

So what do i do? get a nokia and screw up my work rate when i'm out of the office? Go android and hate every second of my life to the point i wish i'd bought a nokia? or go with windows phone 7 for my hd2 and suffer the pain of all the bugs of porting an OS to a phone it was never designed to run on?

The way i see it, right now, after having a few beers and being on the wrong side of sober, i might as well have been pushed off a building with the words "F**k you, A**hole!"
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Jun 6, 2011
Fort Valley
Well as you see I'm a total noob and I claim the title proudly. So while I skewed your poll a little I did find this post to be very informative. I had actually never heard of MyPhone but after reading the passionate thread that sounds exactly like what I could have been using for quite some time now. Though this may be a long shot, if you do come across a program that is comparable to MyPhone would you be willing to share? As being able to easily sync and transfer my data from phone to phone has always been my largest/ chief complaint with any phone carrier.


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Apr 17, 2010
and MyPhone is one of the key points to WHY I have a wm6.5 phone after all.. this, and compatibility with older mobile software. :(

If someone finds a replacement app, I would be glad to know it too.


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Jul 20, 2009
First of all half of this article is confusing. The part regarding the Marketplace shut down is misleading. The only thing that is being discontinued from the marketplace is the website that we can access from our browsers. According to Microsoft's own website (link is in the email, I was confused at first as well).

Next, the MyPhone service is a pretty novel idea, but it's almost one way, you can only sync to the servers, but the servers only sync to your phone, why not just use PPCBackup then if it's going to be synced to one place anyways. It makes better sense now with Hotmails ActiveSync support to use that instead, the only downside being is some data isn't synced (text messages for example, but at least contacts (primary), calendar, email, and tasks are supported). I tried MyPhone before, but the limitation of it being stuck on the MyPhone server and not being able to share it anywhere else was the reason I never used it regularly. I wish they'd upgrade the service to use Windows Live, which would be an improvement over the current syncing.


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Sep 7, 2010
probably it's not much people knowing this.... i myself never check my live mail mail box and only know microsoft decision right now.....


Mar 24, 2010
Washington, DC
Cleary this is not as big a travesty as you think it is, not to take anything away from you but WIN MO is a dead platform. People always have a hard time admitting this but there are about 12 posts on this subject so I am pretty sure MSFT is not really feeling the heat about there decision. It like seeing someone who lived a full and happy life die, you are sad but know that there time has come, much like everything WIN MO related. I recommend you pick up an Android phone and move on.


Inactive Recognized Developer
Jan 28, 2009
Well MS are full of broken promises and dreams, they are keen to kill WM one way or another.

They brought out Visual Studio 2010 and spouted about how you can develop for mobile platforms using Express for free... and didn't mention that not only does Express not include WM in any form, but not even the pro version supports it. (It was even pushed from 2005 standard into 2008 pro only previously).

It's ok, because they promised they'd bring out an SDK...which is..oh nevermind, broken promise. You can't even use it to port your app on to windows phone or try to develop for friendly or what!

As for the app market...just closing the long before they kill the app store too for WM, you know it will come soon after. They clearly want to push any WM user kicking and screaming on to windows phone, they are trying to do that to the devs too. Imagine if you've developed an app which is on the market for WM, well MS doesn't care anymore.

What form is the transfer to SkyDrive going to take? As of now, there is no support for sms messages/contacts data (oh please don't import them into my hotmail/live account...I never use the contacts there since they were always hacked). Do I have to port them into outlook or something, because for the same reason, I don't want to keep them there either. Let me guess, you will be able to import them into your windows phone 7 device without too many problems using the nice shiny app, and there will be a WM SkyDrive app erm...never (at least from MS). Still you get 20Gb of space which you can access on the move (from a device you don't have...).

For me, I see Windows Phone 7 a bit like Vista, with WM being XP. Yes it has fancy graphics and bells, but if you aren't using the latest hardware, XP does a half-decent job in the mean time.

The plus side, well there isn't much else which MS supply, unless they start to pull SDKs and other files off their sites (I noticed a while back they've removed most of the developer info and videos etc for WM - not just moved, but totally gone).

It's not like they were updating the OS apart from through leaked builds and besides compact .net 3.5 was getting messed up more and more by the poor updates anyway. Oh yeah they promised silverlight and compact .net 4 for wm too at one point, now we know that is a pipe dream. There was talk of keeping WM in some form as a business phone device which would live alongside WP.

Really inspires me to follow them with WP7, as a user and as a dev.

Android is a good option, but I still feel there are too many unknowns with it at the moment, since it is trying to support the latest hardware it is (and needs to) keep up. It's a moving target at the moment and it's not quite landed somewhere. Of course I'll play with it, but pointless investing too deeply in it quite yet, unless you've got spare cash of course.'s solid, but it is still due for a big shake up me-thinks (I half expected iOS5 to do that), plus I don't want an iDevice.
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Jul 1, 2010
Lynbrook, N.Y.
I just threw up in my mouth a little.

I really do not want to move on from WinMo. I know it's impending, but I really do not like what I see from wp7. Android looks like the better alternative at this point I guess.

Becoming so accustomed to my device with all the programs and tweaks is just going to suck to have to give up. I knew this was coming, but it doesn;t make it any easier. Hell, only 5% of devices even have physical keyboards now. Seems that nothing is tailored for my likes.


Senior Member
Sep 14, 2007
It's very a sad news !!
I don't like WP7 and i don't want WP7 !

WM with HCT OEM Apps are a very good solutions....the HD2 is actually a best seller with a lot of possibility...

Just a question.....what about professionnal ? What about the "Windows Embedded Handeld" aka WM6.5.3 ?

The professionnal never want to use this WP7, and Microsoft said after the launch of WP7 that they would to continu a branch of WM for the pro ( WEH).

So what about this ???
Maybe we could contact Microsoft :D


Senior Member
Feb 2, 2010
What on earth are they thinking? surely MyPhone and Marketplace can't take up too much space on |Microsofts Servers!

I have had too move to Android, not liking Windows phone at all even including the Mango 7.5 update.

Mind you i have been through this before with Windows CE, Windows 2000 Profesesional, so it doesnt really come as much of a suprise.

Im still very unhappy though :(


Senior Member
Mar 31, 2009
Guys guys guys ...

Did you not hear MS telling all it's existing and previously most loyal customers to go f&%k themselves when they went down the WP7 route? They're into competing with Nokia and Apple now for children's phones.

We're all gonna have to get used to Android sooner or later. Just a bit sooner than expected for some that's all.


Jun 5, 2010
It's sad that they want to kill their older system so badly.

When I bought a phone a year ago, I chose Windows Mobile over others as it fit my preferences the best. According to the sales data I saw, I wasn't the only one. Last year a lot more people bought a Windows Mobile phone than a Windows Phone one. If it is true, Microsoft's decision strikes me as strange. They still support Windows XP that is two generations behind the current OS, while they refuse to support WM that is WP's direct predecessor.


Senior Member
Sep 7, 2010
well, learn about the news yesterday and i went out to find some replacement.... it turn out that google sync is a much better option for contact sync and calendar. But still, i haven't found others online backup services that's good for text messange backup.

still, it's a shock that microsoft turn down support in less than 2 years after discontinue winmo, there are still lots of people on contract with their winmo devices.


Jul 31, 2010
It is indeed a travesty!!

I have a car that is 7 years old, can still get parts easily for that?

There’s Apple with their new cloud, well if you think about it we all had part of that before apple ever thought about it in myphone.
I hear they are moving some of our files / pictures etc to Microsofts cloud, then why can’t they make that function like myphone for us???
I am sure they could, but NO they want us to move on to WM7.
Why would we want to move to a service that is SO VERY CLOSED DOWN before we start.
Microsoft will push our share of their market “US” probably over to Adroid!

Shame on you Microsoft, will you listen to loyal folk.


P.S. See you all on the other Side maybe.

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    Though in my opinion not quite as good as myphone the mIQ backup seems to be a decent alternative. Any views on it anyone ?
    and MyPhone is one of the key points to WHY I have a wm6.5 phone after all.. this, and compatibility with older mobile software. :(

    If someone finds a replacement app, I would be glad to know it too.

    For me this was a reason to go back to Funambol. Syncs my phones to Windows and Linux. Hope there will be support to Phone 7...
    Not too disappointed now ...

    Actually figured out that Outlook Web Access allows you to remotely wipe your device if you're using an Exchange Server. Excellent.

    Looks like I'll be sticking with my HD2 for the foreseeable future, love it!
    It had and still has no future whatsoever,
    Many a company still uses WinMo because of its brilliant Microsoft Exchange support.

    no app community,
    Explain all the websites dedicated to free Windows Mobile apps then.

    no full-touch UI.
    *cough, cough*Windows Mobile 6.5/6.5.5*cough, cough* I can use my HTC Universal and Dell Axim, using VGA and QVGA respectively, just fine with my fingers.

    You must be one of the few people still adamant on using Windows XP and whining about not getting full support on it.
    Now you're just trolling. WinXP is 10 years old, WinMo 6.5 came out in 2009, 6.5.x was released in Feb 2010, and XP was released in 2001. Big difference. VISTA is older than WinMo 6.5.x, for f%^%g crying out loud.
    Hey guys,

    This was always going to be an interesting debate, but lets watch the tone please. Im sure we can all get our point across without profanities or flaming :)
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