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Windows Phone 7 build WP7 emulator only

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Jan 14, 2006
Emulator command

Hi, I just started into this emulator thing, downloaded developer tools yesterday, it woks fine, with new app it runs the emulator and IE woks nice, but after downloading the Rom here(WM70full and WM70c1), when I type:

XDE WMfull.bin

in CMD no thing happens.

what do I do wrong?


Hi Robot_Man

You need to type:

XDE.exe WMfull.bin

Where you are in the directory that the XDE.exe file is, e.g.:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft XDE\1.0\

and your emulator image file is WMfull.bin




New member
Apr 7, 2010
will it works on htc touch viva ??

if i download device emulator image, what will be the procedure to run windows 7 on my WM.

if this not way to do so, can any one tell me how can i have windows 7 on my windows mobile
(Windows mobile 6 professional)

Thanks in advance.
waiting for your response


Nov 20, 2008
COuld this turn to be like the old Windows Mobile days ?

Or am I dreaming ?

Is that a good or a bad thing? :p

You can always do it yourself, as long as you have the BIN.

Thanks for the tip, but as MJCS said, I'd need a MSDN subscription to download the tools.

Still, thanks for the lead. I managed to find a dump of the 7661 build, but it still is too old. I'm going to see if I can find the Windows CE Platform Builder elsewhere.

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    Cook your own WMp7 ROM

    You can cook your own emulator ROM with WP7

    Here is the tools:
    BOOOFF and XIPPort.

    With B000FF:
    1. Convert BIN->NB0
    2. In ReplaceFiles hit "NB0 map" to get the file listing of the ROM
    3. (PROFIT!)
    4. Apply changes to file (or remove them) (It's applying changes directly, so be carefull)
    5. Convert NB0->BIN
    6. Apply "Fix 12" (Select original .bin file, and the converted one)
    7. Run emulator
    "C:\%PROGRAM FILES%\Microsoft XDE\1.0\XDE.exe" "%YOUR BIN HERE"

    With XIPPort:
    You are able to make a full dump of ROM
    1. Hit "dump .bin". It will create an "OUT" folder with "FILES" and "MODULES" subfolder. You can modify files, or remove them.
    2. When you done,hit "write .nb0" it will create a .nb0 file from OUT folder.
    3. Use B000FF to convert nb0->bin and apply "Fix 12" (from step 5 in B000FF)
    Can anyone post another link for the new WMP7 Unlocked Emulator,
    because the uploader decided to take down the link

    The latest build I have is 7629. I'm struggling to find a dump of a more recent build. Does someone have a lead?

    You can always do it yourself, as long as you have the BIN.