[Windows RT 8.1] Development Tool V3.0 BUILD XXXX

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Oct 31, 2014
Samsung Galaxy S20
Right now I suppose its not good enuff to place this project on GitHub. Please bring it back to not lost it. MS kill it I'm effraid.

For the moment, we are moving to github.

This is because it is easier to organize things on github than XDA. All of the applications are still hosted on XDA (currently). On XDA, everything is put into threads, which is great for conversations, but not so much for consolidating information. We chose github because we are able to consolidate information and files into one repo/wiki.

Our choice of github has been in the works for a while now. If we see in the future that Microsoft makes attempts to delete the repo, we will look for a new place.
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Jan 16, 2008
I faced with bug while install Windows Updates. Instal clean OEM dist. Install all security updates except reccomended (which including classic menu ubpdate). Then install this recommended updates n get black screen with blinkin language n wifi icon on it. Thats all. Previuosly i never faced with it n dunno how to avoid it. Please advice me.


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Jan 16, 2008
I have experienced this too. Please follow this guide to fix this: https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=75389310&postcount=556.
Hmmm... I dont get it clear. I have Lenovo Tab so terte is no any FW updates. So I not clear get what step is for install all of updates avoid this bug. Ya mean isnatll it by gtoups for 10-15 updates? How it avoid this bug then? Sorry if i write bullshit but Im stuck frusrated.

I think there is solution


MS kill all the things they did. WTF????
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Jan 16, 2008
I think I found workaround for this bug. We need to install some updates via WUC til kb2919355 (including it). After it we need to install update 3 (kb3033055, KB3097667) and after that all lefties. Right now I have nurmal fucntional WinRT with latest updates exept blockin jailbreak. I like my WinRT still. The link the same https://surfacetip.com/install-windows-rt-8-1-update-3-2017/


May 7, 2018
[Windows RT 8.1] Applications

The list of applications ported to Windows RT 8.1 has been moved to GitHub.

If you want your application to be added to the list of applications ported to Windows RT 8.1, open a ''New issue'' here and send me the application name, the download link, the source link (optional) and potentially important information about the application.

VNNGYN i open there a request if possible port the app , can please check there?thanks


Jun 1, 2015

Wow Thankyou very much for this hack!
my surface 2 have new life :eek:
my works seamlees!
- i did an hard reset.
- install all the updates in 10 updates at the time!
- run the tool and tacc: test mode window 8.1 rt build 9600

audacity , 7zip and app boss work percfet!

some one have any suggestion for other app?
for example pdf app?
now i'm using xodo app... and it's ok

thxs very much for every things! if you can continue the project it will be awesome hahahahah

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