General [Windows TOOL] Reboot To Recovery Tool for Nokia G10 and G20! Version 5.1 Only Android 11 Devices.

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Mar 1, 2011
Hi to everyone. I have g10 and i font remember my pattern. My phone goes to fastboot but with non way goes to recovery. What can i do?. I open this tool. Recognise the devise. But when i press 5 for reboot to recovery.. i does not nothing...please help me

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    Reboot2recovery Version 5.1 Latest
    FOR VERSION 4.0 check latest reply section.
    Hello Nokia G10 and G20 users.

    I have created this simple tool which sends your Nokia G10 or G20 to Recovery mode from fastboot mode.
    Simply put your phone in fastboot mode and then open this tool and your phone will boot to recovery mode.
    Please ensure your have fastboot and adb drivers installed on your computer before using this script ot software.
    I'm planning to add more features to this software in future releases.

    How to use?
    Connect your Nokia Device in Fasboot or any preferred mode using usb to your computer.
    Extract the zip given and run the .bat or .exe file.

    AppName: Reboot2recovery
    Version: 1.0
    Platform: Windows 32 and 64 bit
    Credits: UI based on 15 seconds adb installer.

    Here comes the updated 2.0 version with source code!
    For source code just open the bat file in any text editor.

    Changelog: Version 2.0
    -Now you can select how you want to reboot to particular mode.
    - Check Connected Nokia Devices.
    - ADB to FASTBOOT is added.
    - FASTBOOT to Recovery is added.
    - ADB to RECOVERY mode added.

    Updated script with more options alongwith source code!
    For source code just open the bat file in any text editor.

    Changelog: Version 3.0
    -Option 1 now precisely updated to show mode of connection
    -Added option to Exit the script
    -Added about and instructions just press "6" and then enter


    Version 4 is under development and will come with major design overhaul and more options......
    Smooth UI

    Changelog: Version 4.0
    -Smooth UI
    -Optimised Script

    Smooth UI

    Changelog: Version 5.0
    -Smooth UI
    -Optimised Script
    -Extended Menu View
    -Added Support for Android 11 recovery menu for Nokia G10 and G20 devices (thanks to areallydumbperson).
    -Added option to check devices in fastboot mode