Winlink/Ownice C300 Android 4.4.4 head unit

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Jul 13, 2017
Root c300

radio is crystal-clear, no complaints in that department (except maybe that they could have used more space for the song/artist name, instead of the tiny space they used which involves tons of scrolling text).

haven't tried to root (no time and not enough experience), but if rooting leads to (a) working google contacts and (b) the ability to use google voice to place calls (it currently errors out saying that there is no dialer, rather than handing off to the bluetooth app) then i'm happy to do whatever i can to help.

But, its possible tell me how I can make root?
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Oct 29, 2017

hello, I allow myself to contact you because I inadvertently uninstall the ownice software, my own c300 C that I'm no longer access to music, dvd, radio, parametre .... and all the buttons of volume navigation, navi, back ... can you help me, so that I can restart it? thank you .

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    bonjour, j'ai acheté le C300, mais déçu par celui ci.
    Problème d’intégration au véhicule, j'ai du découper l’arrière du support autoradio (sur le véhicule) car les connectiques ne passées pas !
    Pas de compatibilité (interaction) avec Ford convers+ !
    Le SWC (programmation des commande au volant) inutilisable, impossible a programmer ! seul la commande au volant volume + - et le défilement + - fonctionne !
    Impossible de supprimer les widget directement de l’écran.
    Vraiment déçu !!![/QUO

    Si vous plait, ici écrit Anglaise, merci.
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