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Jun 10, 2008
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Please don't post your suggestions, requests, queries or problems.
If so, this thread will be no longer.

The purpose of this thread is for use AS A DIRECTORY. If you would like to share your creations, create a new thread or post them in the appropriate thread. (example: If you create a theme post it in the themes thread)
If you need help or have questions, try the Q&A Section.

Links on 2nd post or click here
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Jun 10, 2008
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Hello everyone,

These are WinMo 6.5 Stuffs Links to make ppls easy to find. I will be placing themes, skins, app, plugins and A to Z stuffs links, which relates to WinMo 6.5.

- For Whole -

Themes & Developments - Link
Themes and Developments thread, created by greatbal.

PureBlack 2 - Link
OS Theme

Hexagon Start Menu and 4 ROW hexagon menu - Link
For QVGA Only.

Start Menu Expanded - Link
For VGA Only.

hComber - Link
Is a program to change Icons of start menu.

Customising Taskbar - Link
Customising Taskbar of WinMo 6.5

Neon Glass Icons - Link
Icons for WinMo 6.5

Start Menu v2 - Screenshot, Dl link

Info and guides -

A Guide to Windows Mobile 6.5 - Link
Tips and tweaks for the newest era of Windows Mobile, version 6.5.

Walk-through - Link

How to create Titanium skins - Link

Titanium CPR helper - Link
Did a small online tool in flash to help skinners and developers code the CPR's more easily.

- For Titanium -

Themes/Skins -

All - Link, Link 2.
All themes and skins links, created by twolf and MysticGenius.

Colors for Titanium - Link

Black Dragon - Link

MezzoForte - Link

WM 7 Titanium Project - Link

Bliss - Link

TIphone - Link

Crape Fetale - Link

Antique - Link

Red Velvet - Link

Violet Velvet - Link

NeoTitanium - Link

BWNeo - link

Ugly - Link

Cold Steel - Link

MobileMatt Titanium Nights - Link

Plugins -

All - Link
All plugins links, created by thedaniel

Plug-in Installer : Link
This program allows chome/titanium plug-in developers to create a cab file that will insert the plug-in's markup into the cpr files depending on the device's resolution and update the registry without overriding any of the user's existing chome/titanium configuration files or settings.

Titanium System Panel - Link

CTwitter - Link
Is a Titanium plugin which allows you to get to open your TweetDeck for Mobile devices using PockeTwit. You can also Update your status using this program.

COffice - Link
Is a Titanium plugin which allows you to get to your Microsoft Office tools quickly and easily.

ArteseaTwitter - Link

CVolume - Link
Little plugin which give the opportunity to change the level of the sound easy and sound profiles. Only for QVGA.

CFacebook - Link
Is a Titanium plugin which allows you to continue your Facebook Addiction using Facebook Mobile and Facebook Instant Messenger.

CAnalogClock - Link
This is a replacement for the default Titanium CClock, with many features including fully skinnable analog and digital clocks.

CommManager - Link

Titanium Weather - Link, Link 2

CLauncher - Link
Titanium Application launcher. Easy to add and remove application

AudioManager Panel - Link

Titanium Notifications - Link

Taskanium - Link
Is a simple titanium (WM 6.5) plugin which displays the list of active tasks within the titanium

JMLStocks Panel - Link, Link 2, Link 3

TitaniumRIGHT - Link
Right align your titanium and optimize different plugins for your QVGA device the same time.

CS2P - Link
Another Titanium Plugin, for S2P

Multiplugin - Link

Apps -

Titanizer 5 - Link
Is a Chome or the Titanium editor.

CHome Editor - Link
Another Chome or the Titanium editor.

*** Will Be Updating ***
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Aug 2, 2008
Is it possible to add a line or two to each item on the first post to give a brief outline of what the app/panel does. Some are obvious others not so.

Great work though, was thinking something like this was needed.


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Jan 21, 2007
Titanium installer

Hi everyone is there a Titanium installer out there , can someone direcrt me to it pls I did a search. Key word I used is Titanium cab Titanium and Titanium plugin but I had no luck ;)
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