Wintel W8 Pro Z8300 Tools (64Bit)

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Nov 27, 2006
Hello I need the Wlan drivers. See the Picture.

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Aug 31, 2017
Auto-On Feature??????

Is there any place in BIOS that I'm missing the auto on function?
I can't find it!!!
And if there isn't one available, any ideas on how to make it happen anyways?
Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Oct 24, 2017
Wintel W8 Pro (T8) Drivers +BROADCOM WiFi Drivers,Working TESTED!

After spending 4 days in searching for drivers for my Wintel W8 mini pc i finaly get it and i want to share these drivers with all of you! :angel:

link: https://
----------(Link have spaces between " https:// " and " " ...please delete spaces for link!)-------

Wintel W8 Pro -T8- (1.4-1.8GHz,2GB RAM,32GB ROM)

-Clean install Windows
-Install Chipset(CherryTrail Drivers)

-----------WI-FI (BroadCom)-----
– install the driver with installshield installation files
– rename the text file to “43430r0nvram” without the “.txt” extension
– copy it to c:\windows\system32\drivers\ folder, if there’s already an existing file, replace it or renamed it before copying
– reboot

:good: :D
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Dec 2, 2009

So, tried turning this into ubuntu+kodi box, and got not sound neither from hdmi nor from headphone jack.

Since first post here suggests using USB audio solutions, I suppose, there's no support for audio in ubuntu on Wintel Pro box? Is that so? Or is there any way to make audio work over HDMI or headphone jack in ubuntu here? Thanks


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Dec 2, 2009
Ok, now I have another problem.

First I installed Ubuntu 17.10, and it kind of worked, just without sound.
Then I tried to install LibreELEC. First thing I noticed is that I did not have boot option for my usb, it looked generic.

There were:
Internal EFI
USB Drive
Net drive
CD DVD drive

If I chose USB Drive then it would just say something like "Cant boot from usb". It looked like it just did not recognize usb as bootable.
So I went to Boot from file, and opened EFI-Boot file on the USB stick. It worked, I got into LibreELEC installation.

And after that, it was supposed to wipe the whole drive and setup libreElec. Installation finished, I rebooted my device, and it just went into boot-loop. It boots, then reboots and reboots and reboot and keeps rebooting without showing anything until I press F2 and go into BIOS again.

After that... I still got same boot options! First one was Ubuntu, then Internal EFI, usb, etc.

And now it won't boot from USB even if I select boot file manually, so I can't even install any other OS on it anymore. It just goes into boot-loop each time, no matter what I try.

Any ideas? Is there anything I can do? Thanks.


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Apr 15, 2010
Disable security in bios.

Extra Info: in the dropbox folder there is a file "upgrade OS" is easier because you also keep your data (My personal choice stay with LTS Version)

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Dec 5, 2017
Have WIntel W8 with windows 10 32-bit now, but hardware is 64bit and I need to install windows 10 64bit.
I have made bootable USB with windows 10 64bit, disable secure boot in bios but can't boot. Nothing happend... I have tried different usb sticks with bootable windows 10 and windows 8.1 on ntfs and fat32 also... Nothing works...
Any solutions?


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Mar 21, 2010
i reinstall windows 10 by downloading nevest iso from microsoft site, next i try to restore drivers by double driver, everything seams to works fine, but devices in device manager still remain unrecoizned :( i remember that when i install it for the 1st time it works ok. I try alo a cheary trial drivers from intell side but no luck, devices still remains unreciginzed.
Please help :(


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Mar 21, 2010
Im think that my problem can be realted to the changes in bios i have made, i make some changes when i try to make sound card work in linux, unfortunely i can't remeber what i change :( can some one help me with comparing my bios settighs to there own ? i will be appriceted.


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Mar 21, 2010
I restore default bios settings, and there no unrecoinzned devices, wifi and bt works fine, but windows claims there is no device capaible to play audio, but drivers seams to be propertly installed, any sugestions ?


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Feb 4, 2018
I have one wintel pro and know I have a problem, turn on the box, and light is blinking between red and blue, does anyone have this problem?


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Sep 21, 2015
The bios asks me for a key to change the boot boot and to be able to install the mini win10 OS 64bit if I disconnect the battery, the bios is reset and the key is not requested anymore? some perosna has mini win 10 os v2018 3 64 installed

---------- Post added at 04:51 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:38 PM ----------

someone with win10 miniOS in the WintelPro


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May 5, 2018
Stock Image!vVMCUALC!O7NImjTxvUR3x3o_OwLOUA

stock image for Wintel W8 for restore you need make Win to Go USB Drive boot from drive intstall paragon backup recovery and restore image file to you device


Feb 10, 2015
And now it won't boot from USB even if I select boot file manually, so I can't even install any other OS on it anymore. It just goes into boot-loop each time, no matter what I try.

I tried installing ubuntu 18.04, but there was a failure installing grub: I then manually copied files into efi partition and now I am in the same situation as you: unable to boot from file selected from usb drive.
Any solution?

I do not think it is a secure boot related issue, but just to be certain it is disabled, where do I find the "secure boot" option in the wintel w8-pro bios?


Dec 14, 2013
About windows:
1. should i use the official microsoft iso 64 bit?
2. when i try to use YUMI setup it asks for choose distribution from a list .. what to choose?
3. when i enter bios in the wintel, there is an option to boot from file and boot from device, when i installed ubuntu i saw my flash in the device list and did it there, should it be the same in windows?

About ubuntu:
4. I tried to install 16.04 version and 18.04 , in both of them, i have no audio at all and the videoes in browsers (both firefox and chrome) were frozen every 2 secs (VLC video worked fine but no audio), no matter what site I use (youtube ec..) the video was loaded but every 2 secs was frozen or has gone too fast.

I will much appreciate if you will help me to solve the first 3 problems or the last one with ubuntu (i prefer ubuntu)


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    Wintel W8 Pro Z8300 Mini Pc

    I am not responsible for any damage to your device when you are not sure leave the default Settings.

    All Tested and 100% Working.

    Thread Updated 18/11/2017

    CloneZilla Backup+Restore With Free Tool.
    2. Create a Windows Boot Usb Flash Drive.
    3. Backup and Restore Drivers And (Missing Drivers)
    4. Intel Graphics installer + Extra Settings

    5. Install Linux Os.
    6. Acronis True Image Backup+Restore With Non Free Tool.

    **CloneZilla** Backup and Restore (Free Tool)
    You need CloneZilla USB Flash Drive And External Drive
    Download CloneZilla:
    (Select amd64 and .ISO)

    Create a boot Usb-Drive Go to (2)
    (Instructions official site )
    Tip: Folder name of the created backup is example: (2016-05-09-13.img)
    Clear explanation

    Windows OS
    **YUMI** Created a working Windows 10 OS Fat 32 boot usb Flash Drive

    Important: Only Install Windows 64 Bit OS
    **Disable Secure Boot in Bios**

    1. Create Multi Boot Usb Flash Drives
    (Run as Administrator)
    Upload The Windows_10.ISO (64bit) File in Program select target usb Flash drive and select for windows 10 installer.
    After Done Eject
    Create Also A Boot CloneZilla Usb Flash Drive.
    Boot Windows and Clonezilla On Wintel W8 Pro
    plug The CloneZilla Usb Flash Drive in Wintel Pro.
    Go to Bios = Power Button Device and then Esc Button on Keyboard
    in the Bios of Wintel Pro select / Boot manager/ the Usb Flash Drive
    start By Enter.

    CloneZilla Backup And Restore procces
    folow The Instructions from (1.)

    Double Driver Tool:

    Clean Windows 10 install and missing drivers ?
    (15/05/16 00:41 Updated (NetWork+Audio)
    Note: After Restore audio driver: You May Need to Unplug and plug back in The External Audio Jack.


    (Recommended Disable Antivirus)
    1. Extract 2x Downloaded .rar File
    2. Run double driver.exe Run as Administrator
    3. Navigate to the backup folder
    4. Restore what you Need

    (If Need Instructions and info )
    Backup your personal driver before changing anything


    Extra Settings:

    Intel? HD Graphics Version
    dated : 17/07/2015

    Smoother system speed:
    1. Right click
    2. Click Search
    3. type Performance and open Adjust the appearance
    2. Disable all and Apply/Ok

    Fast Booting Speed.

    (**Disable Secure Boot in Bios**)
    1. Run msconfig
    2. Select Boot
    3. Boot time valu = 3
    4. Advanced options number of processors 4 + memory 2048

    Disable Startup High Label Software Example (Office)
    Extra option:
    Disable Fast Booting Option in (Power Settings)
    1.Choose what power button do.
    2.change settings that are Currently unavailable.
    3. Disable Turn on Fast Startup.
    (Tested With all My installed Software)
    Shutdown= (25 sec blue light Off)
    Startup= (1 min 04 to 06 sec)
    Rebooting time= (1 min 23 sec)

    Note: you can still boost the windows with avg tune up (Turbo Mode)

    Increase Wifi speed:
    Step 1.
    1. Select Settings
    2. Select Update
    3. Advanced Options
    4. Shoose How Updates are Delivered
    5. Disable the on and off swith

    Step 2.
    1. Right click on start menu
    2 Run gpedit.msc ( if error go to 1 Below)
    3. Administrative Templates
    4. Network
    5. Qos Packet Scheduler
    6. Limit reservable bandwith
    7. Enable
    8. Enter Valu 0 Apply and OK
    1. Download gpedit.msc and install
    2. Go to

    3. Search gpedit and
    Run As Administrator

    4. Go to step 2- 3
    Second Test Downl= 29.05mb Upload = 3.02mb
    On My Basic Network

    Keep update your Cpu Temp in Taskbar and Set The Degrees Celsius you like for protection auto shutdown
    Wintel W8 Pro Have Default Protection on 90 ?C its the max voor this type off intel (but its to hot)

    Free VLC Smooth Default Video Player
    Free MSN Weather for your Android Phone (Same Source As Windows 10 Wheather)
    Intel Info:

    Good To Know (save money)
    CMOS Battery.
    Most Populaire v3 CR2032 Battery
    CR- lithium battery
    20 - 20mm diameter
    32- Thickness 32* 0.1 mm

    Easy to find on Ebay
    Note: i'm not 100% sure of factory built battery !
    But should normally work.

    6. Linux OS

    Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS 64Bit
    (With Linux 4.10 kernel)

    If You Installing from Terminal or Update Ubuntu,
    Always Backup First Your Ubuntu + data , in case something goes wrong.

    Currently Version is 16.04.3 LTS (With Linux 4.10 kernel)
    Easy Update from command in Terminal see dropbox folder/File link:
    Also OSX Theme in Folder
    1. install with Terminal
    Mac OS X Lion v7 Theme ''Folder''

    Extra Software Updated Folder 14.06.2017
    Cheap Sound And Wifi Solution
    Wifi usb Stick :
    Cheap 100% Working Audio on ubuntu :
    Note: Sound is Ok but Poor Quality and unstable
    Pluganble sound card stick :
    Note: ( Tested ) Quality Is Very Good !!

    Backup Partition With **Acronis True Image** (Easy Non Free Tool)
    (Example Screenshot Below)

    1. install and burn Acronis.iso with **Unetboot** dont need to select a distribut Burn the iso to Usb Stick
    2. Boot in to your bios. with (Esc Button Keyboard)
    3. Select Boot menu on Bios Wintel W8 Pro
    4. Select your usb drive and enter
    5. in Acronis menu enter number 1
    6. Select Backup and select all in local linux partition disk
    7. Select the destination External Disk, create a folder and name it and start procces.
    Time: depends on the writing speed of The Taget Drive.

    Acronis backup is Compressed in 1 Bin File. is undoubtedly the best Backup/Restore Tool works with all devices !

    Note: If the Backup folder/File you made is Locked on Ubuntu you need Root Acces with Root manager if you want to move or delete the folder.
    (Don't worry you need to do this only 1 Time if Need)
    In Ubuntu Enter in Terminal:

    sudo nautilus
    And use the Root Manager.
    i have downgrade the driver and everything works perfectly.
    I used "INTEL(HD) driver update utility 2.5"
    Can You add a bluetooth drivers pls.
    That is a ap6234 Broadcom Serial Bus Driver over UART Bus Enumerator i suppose, i still missing that one :(

    And also a link to the latest Z8300 intel drivers.
    This device comes with two version of BT/WiFi chip

    1) Realtek RTL8723
    2) Broadcom AP6234

    Unfortunately all drivers that You post are for Realtek, and i have a Broadcom version :(
    Does someone have a Broadcom version and can make a double driver dump for me ? pls.
    These are my Broadcom wifi drivers: