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[WIP] CyanogenMod Note 5 Rom + Kernel

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Aug 3, 2016
wooo,this is amazing.

the developer is working in stable CM13 (daily) or him jumped to cm14?
They are still working on cm13 as soon as the fix video i think they will move asop 7.0 Nougat most users said they would rather have cm13 bug free first

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Awesome update, smooth and fast, no more overheating, indeed video recording is not working but I can open gallery app (Google photos) from camera without problems.
I am really happy with it, also android wear works, no more disconnecting my watch. Donation coming your way...

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Positive feedback is always welcome mate
Few more things i think need to get fixed then probably they will upload source get official status and then drop cm13 in favor of asop 7.0 n i heard they wont work on cm14 but asop rather
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Aug 3, 2016
Do the google camera works or just works in the built in app?
I haven't tested jt but i think only built in app works they didn't link camera to other things or whatever

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So is there an implemented fix for tmo in the new update?
I can test asap to make sure.......let me know!!!!!!!!!!

If I could make calls on my 920T with cm13 I would be sooo happy... (south park reference sry)
Yes there is a tmobile audio fix in the update but it hasn't been tested thats why it has not been mentioned just like face unlock aswell but i just got confirmation smart lock does work now so i guess another thing to be added
Its just too many things have been reworked and patched in the rom its hard to keep track


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Dec 7, 2015
Amazing rom as usual,temp is better theming is cool. I'll post some screenshots.
Just one more thing, if i close or minimize camera while playing music the sound stops and skips to the next song.

PS: I had to upload the screenshot from TW because I couldn't access Gallery from CM using XDA-Developers mobile app.(Dual boot [emoji26] )


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Jan 25, 2010
HAHA yeah I tried throwing it against the wall as well, but to no avail......LOL
I almost wanna use this and if someone calls I'll just text them that ill call them back in 10 mins after restoring my sammy backup, hahahah, yeah I want it that bad.

Geez, I really hope it can be fixed. I'm about to swappa my tmo n5 if not. Can't take tw anymore.

Planet Z !!

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Feb 14, 2013
Does anyone know if data is working on sprint? Could i get a test build?

I ran benchmarks. Watched Netflix, Listened to Spotify. Built theme variants with arcus. Moved a couple gigs back and forth with otg. Tweaked with kernel tuner. So far the only thing that didn't work was a speedtest app for signal/WiFi. Wouldn't even open. I knows its due to sim. Not rom. I flashed the pg1 sprint modem after I installed. Didn't change anything. Shot in the dark.

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    Gentlemen i have good news and bad news:
    Good news is that my first test build of cm14,android n has booted succesfully
    Bad news is that touch doesnt work.............probably forgot to change from n6p drivers to s6e+
    All that im sayin is that our first android n release might come sooner than you guys think.........

    Am i wrong or was my phone the first samsung to ever boot android n?
    ok after staring like a pedo onto some logs it appears that i didnt forget changing drivers (pros never do that right?)but much rather theres something wrong with my packing script.Gave a ton of missing files (that 100%are there) which did cause the aftermentioned issues,so we still do not know how android n is or not.
    Also last minute change we decided to switch from cm14 to aosp based n.
    Right now we need to figure out what is wrong with this script and if it turns out ok we could* in theory* make a release tomorrow.
    Ok so i tested with another file and guess what . It still worked flawlessly
    see for yourself
    Hey guys don't need to sound rude or anything like that. We will Pm the user's who want to test when it's ready. But right now we are looking at bugs and core stability of the rom, while working on bugs (like the video codecs) and looking into other things that we come across.. I have told grim to hold off for now... So need no to pm us like crazy. We are all excited after all!

    The camera is being one if our main concerns right now. And that's why the next update is being delayed.