[WIP][DEV][PORT] LG Framework for LG G2 AOSP/CM/CAF

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    [size=+4]LG F[/size][size=+3]RAMEWORK[/size]

    [size=+3]~~ A[/size][size=+2]NNOUNCEMENTS[/size][size=+3] ~~[/size]

    Dec 4 2016
    Deleted github repo (it's not helping)
    Oct 23 2016
    4K + HFR Mod by @defcomg (manual install only, flashable zip later)
    Oct 9 2016
    Project is now online, partially (GitHub) details below
    Sep 10 2016
    Experimental LG Camera port uploaded
    Aug 15 2016
    Opened our GDrive folder to public and overhauled OP

    [size=+3]~~ A[/size][size=+2]BOUT THE PROJECT[/size][size=+3] ~~[/size]

    LG Framework is the backbone of every bloat feature LG added and this project aims to re-inject those important things to be able to run again OEM-implemented features like QuickCover, QuickMemo, QuickSlide Apps, etc. (LG Camera included in the list)
    AOSP delivers the performance that we sought, but with those improvements come sacrifices. Other features shipped by LG aren't included in those lovely projects. So here we are, the X7 Team, and our kind and brave testers, to bring forth LG's bloat work to the world of Open-Source Softwares (not to open-source or reverse engineer it)

    [size=+3]~~ M[/size][size=+2]ISCELLANEOUS[/size][size=+3] ~~[/size]

    | LG Framework and Related Works |
    G2 Camera Chromatix Mod (second page)
    | G2 Camera by @B!GBOY |
    Initial VBM testing is a success giving us more flexibility to what we can do to our device :) (actually any android armhf device)

    We can now do:
    • Offline framework recompilation
    • LG Software injection to Android resources
    • Advanced automatic rollback system in case of failures
    • Polymorph ROMs [size=-3]theoretical*[/size]

    [size=-3]By polymorph I mean adapt the ROM so that a device-specific ROM can work to another (like porting D802 roms to F320x)[/size]

    Currently filtering out the framework to what we only need and I'm also trying to track down what caused the slowdowns and the low storage false alarm. I am also injecting a new component to the installer, OpenJDK itself (it is now running but extremely slow as it uses Zero VM)
    LG Framework is now working properly.

    To those that wants to have an early look.... Here it is

    LG Framework

    This includes the LG Framework itself, LG Camera (G2 version) and related libs... Other LG APIs embedded within Android's builtin methods are to be merged on next release (so there's nothing much to see), hopefully, including a Full-Mode Camera HAL (support for high speed capture, 120fps, 4k and burst shot)

    XCam support is also planned, and patcher to incompatible must-be-compatible LG Apps (only if OpenJDK worked on our internal experiments)

    And btw, LG Camera has it's own post-processor that triggers in certain lighting conditions, and produces a photo of lesser noise.

    Cheers everyone!

    Edit: Download link taken down due to severe bug
    [size=+1]What's Happening?[/size]
    • Currently testing the framework resource which is injected manually
    • The code part of LG Framework is now working to CM-based ROMs
    • (Low Priority) Bypass signature checks using selective exclusion to avoid security holes