[WIP] Max Sense - 6th preview movie uploaded

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Nov 9, 2008
Finally, get to start off my pet project. :D

I have ripped apart the whole Manila 2.5 and start from scratch. Here are some movie preview of my work in progress. ;)

Movie Preview #6
Movie Preview #5
Movie Preview #4
Movie Preview #3
Movie Preview #2
Movie Preview


I'm not going to go into details yet but as you can see the core is quite similar to Sense UI however, it will be a combination of all the things that I wanted on my phone. The speed is surprising very good and I hope it will remain at that as I add more things. ;)

I'll re-open another thread for discussion when this gets a bit further down wt more contents. For now, any inputs are welcome. :p

BTW, skinners who wants to contribute, pls PM me. Thks. ;)
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Feb 8, 2009
Nice work!

You are using manila files to do that? I mean, you use manila.exe with your custom manila files? Or is this something similar to wad and nothing to do with manila?

ETA on a release?


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Dec 27, 2008
This is fantastic. I have used HTC Hero Sense UI and found it's awesomely smooth, especially with the animated horizontal tab/page slides, animated apps/windows open and close, vertical notification bar slides, etc just to name a few, which WM based HTC Sense could have implemented and removed the tabs. Unfortunately it just didn't happen.

I think you have found a way to fully exploit the potential of HTC Sense UI which WM alone just couldn't do it. I hope you could add those animated features in as well. It will make our WM-based Sense more sensible :D

I am looking forward for your new toy, Max. You have done brilliant works on MaxManila! Keep up the good works!


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Mar 2, 2009
Wow, looks fantastic. And very smooth for an "over night" thing *ggg*
When you need someone for betatesting i would be available.

One Question. Programs like Kalender, SMS, etc... . Do you use the Standard WM or the HTC Sense versions for your UI?



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Nov 27, 2008
looking great...

just one suggestion (and I would be very happy if I could see it in your Max Manilla 2.5 app) - could you make so that we could use multiple wallpapers for background (portrait and landscape). I mean so we could specify a folder containing pictures so that the pictures could be changed every minute or so, or everytime we change from portrait to landscape and back...

something as the option that is available at S2U2 app for there wallpapers...


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Nov 7, 2008
Very exciting!! Can't wait for a release! You never cease to amaze me with what you do! Keep it up, my friend and please send some pointers to HTC dev. team if you have the time! LOL! :D
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    This looks fluid, i hope this will be ready for integration with energy rom soon. Great work!
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