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Feb 24, 2010
if its a kernel problem. flash jmz's kernel and see if it helps (now that i think of it i doubt it will.)
Then...if you need a good back up...i have one just pm me ill send you the dl link of the stock rom back up rooted
another thing...
HAS ANYONE tried this rom and been able to restore a back up? or has anyone gotten this to work?

By the way...im no rom dev but using my human logic why not do this:
Get the NEXUS rom. like a stock aosp rom (odex or deodexed) and then simply take OUR stock rom, take the drivers from it, (or from the htc one mini which has ALMOST the same hardware) and put those drivers into the nexus rom. Then the kernel? um...as usual that i have no idea how the hek it is made. But still...is this feasible?

I tried but not work any other solution

still stuck on Startup Logo


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Apr 30, 2012
Simpsonville, SC
Ugh...we need to like...get a ton of Devs and once they are all working on one ROM. In a few days they would finish and they can go ahead and work on other stuff.
Like there should be a distribution of labor Lol. The non supported devices like ours need the help

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    Ok. with a few people trying to do this i decided to give it a go.

    Flash at your own risk. I am not liable for any
    problems that do occure from this rom

    i may be able to test these this weekend when the girl comes over. if anyone tests these please let me know what the outcome is.

    I made 2 different ports going by 2 different guides. i named these beta 1.001 and beta 1.002

    These are made from the HTC first deodex and the M4 one mini deodex.

    These are compiled on the Newest September 2013 versions of both. trimmed from 1gb to below 600mb
    STOCK htc first kernel
    No Root
    Debloated at&t apks and some useless files
    Htcspeak.apk removed (190mb)

    ]beta1.001 removed
    Beta1.002 Download this versions boots to the boot animation and stalls at HTC ONE Logo

    thanks JMZ for the deodex roms.
    i wouldnt think a cm port would be that hard once there is a htc mini cm rom but we would have to start with a 4.1.1 rom for ease.

    maybe a htc one xl cm rom would be ported like jmz did the sense rom.

    i would like to know what version the people are flashing and the best one i will keep up and remove the other, any one able to get a logcat ?

    i am new to all this so any DEV help is much appreciated.

    Jmz had a post somewhere about the reason he was able to port Sense to the first pretty easily is because even though it looks like stock aosp under FB home it is still HTC and still sense based. I am guessing till the kernel would need to be worked on to port a cm rom. Also in many of the guides i have read on porting roms it says the port and base roms have to be the same android version i bet that would be the problem here. so till we can get a update to 4.2.2 from AT&T there might not be any luck.
    Not Working

    ROM Not Working on HTC First
    stuck on startup
    seems kernel problem
    Good Luck!