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[WIP][TWRP] porting for Galaxy Ace 4 Neo SM-G316ML

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David Masa

Senior Member
Apr 29, 2015

I'm attempting to port TWRP to the Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Neo SM-G316ML (vivalto3mve3gltn) device. As of now I've got successful builds, but non-functional images (they brick the device).

The (experimental) device tree is hosted here, and is configured to build TWRP as its recovery (my plan is to also use it to build LOS 14.1, but after building TWRP).

I'm somewhat new to the Android devel. However, I've learned a lot, I'm familiarized with the AOSP/LOS source code, I use GNU/Linux as my main OS since some years ago and my skills are good enough to deal with this. The only problem is that, as this is my first time in porting a recovery to an unsupported device, I'd like some help. Anyone with knowledge and willing to help me in this project is welcome, just leave a comment so we can discuss how to manage this, like the access to the repository or pull requests, etc.

For the more-technical discussion about the porting, please do in this issue from the repository.

XDA:DevDB Information
SM-G316ML unofficial TWRP port, TWRP for the Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Neo

Version Information
Status: Testing

Device Information
Device Name: Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Neo
Device Model: SM-G316ML
Device Chipset: SC8830

Created 2018-06-18
Last Updated 2018-06-18
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