Wire s7 to external monitor?

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Rintaro Okabe

Aug 27, 2016
Does somebody now a way to connect your phone to an external monitor through for example hdmi?
I know there a ways to do it through the network. But I wanted to stream videos without lag or nearly none.
I tried this way:
S7 -> otg -> usb ethernet adapter -> gigabit switch -> gigabit able laptop with hdmi.
With a stream software it's fast. But there is still some good amount of input lag.
The reason I want to play some games with keyboard and mouse on a big screen.
If you know a way tell me.
And if you know ways to further improve my ethernet connection please tell me. Maybe the problem is with rendering the images on s7. I don't know for sure. The ping is on 1 ms between those devices. That's not the problem. And the stream of data is around 2-4 megabytes per second.


Senior Member
Dec 18, 2013
s7 dont have hdmi, so it would be tough,
if you still can in some way,then the performane wont be upto the mark its simple