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Question Wireless Charging Capped At 50 Watts!!!

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Senior Member
May 7, 2012
Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra
Hello Everyone,

Getting frustrated with this phone. Can't lie. I have the 80W wireless charger along with the 120W wired charger attached to that. However I'm unable to achieve the 67 watts charging this phone claims. It's getting to be very frustrating.

I tried to install EU Rom 12.5.12 Stable, and I'm still experiencing the same issue. In fact for a little bit there, I couldn't even fast charge at all. My phone suddenly stopped wireless charging at all. The animation that it's charging would be stated, but charging was extremely slow, maybe 1-2 percent in 20 minutes.

Finally got the phone fast charging wirelessly again, don't ask me how, just tried installing the firmware update someone posted, and then tried to roll back to 12.5.8, but I failed due to the phone requiring to be completely wiped first. Once restarted though it was fast charging, but still states only at 50Watts.

Can someone please help? Can I achieve 67W like the phone claims with this 80W wireless charger?


Senior Member
Aug 24, 2013
I read China has called for a cap on wireless charging to not exceed 50w and it will be reduced to 50w in all upcoming Xiaomi phones including the mi 12 ultra

Hopefully they haven't decided to apply it retroactively through the software lol


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