Question Wireless charging desktop stand with lifeproof case

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Sep 19, 2023
So I own an s21 ultra that i keep in a lifeproof NEXT case. I need the case, as I do a lot things that could damage my phone. I'm happy with it, and wireless charging DOES work on a flat stand, but I want to leave my phone sitting upright on my desk so I can see it without having to pick it up while it is charging, and holy hell is this a PITA.
I just need a wireless charging stand that charges the phone, buds pro 2, and watch 4 classic, and angles my phone upright. I found one, but all of these cases that exist like this have to be placed absolutely perfectly or they will start charging then STOP. I just spent an hour repositioning my phone repeatedly to get it to charge. It's annoying, and I just want one that's a HAIR stronger to not have this issue. Surely something like this exists?