Wireless Charging Fix

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Apr 7, 2011
TLDR: Turn off NFC and try QI charging again.

A recent update broke wireless charging on my Note 20 Ultra. I had noticed that my Samsung Pay had begun to fail at some merchants. I suspected that the merchant terminal had been updated to reject Samsung Pay, and began to think about how I would make that happen if I was in control of the merchant terminals. I thought that maybe I could detect a NFC reader by looking at the signals on the mag stripe reader, and just simulate a failed attempt, so I tried turning NFC off, and what do you know, Samsung Pay was solid again!

Normally I keep NFC on because I use it >10 times a day to read my Freestyle Libra glucose monitor, but the night before last Abbot messed up the app and I had to switch to my old phone to read my sensor.

I had noticed the QI charging issue, but I have so many chargers and such a that's nest of wires where I charge overnight (literally a dozen things plugged in by the bed) that I had not yet rules out things getting unplugged until I read other reports of problems. Last night I noticed in the middle of the night that it had not charged again. I checked the symptoms and mine matched exactly what was reported.

But I also noticed that the time before QI quit was almost exactly the same distribution as the time it took to read my Libra sensor... What if what is broken is NFC, not both Samsung Pay and QI charging?

I turned NFC off and stuck the phone on my no-name QI charger. IT WORKED! When I got up a few hours later it had charged from less than 50% to 90% (I use SleepAsAndroid which uses quite a bit of power so this is actually good charging performance).
That's odd because NFC has nothing to do with wireless charging, and NFC should not work if set off.
Antenna are next to one another thats for starters.

Also the OEM chargers use nfc to communicate to the phone things like fan status etc. So of software tells the phone no charge without verifi, then there ya go.

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