Wireless Charging Paused Problem - Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+

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Aug 25, 2017
Knock off

Thank you thank you for all your efforts this has been one of the most frustrating Samsung 8 adventures I've been on so far Your description of a knock off standing platform was spot on my knock off actually says Samsung on it and it has a manufacturing label barcode the works the minute I switched it to a lower powered cord presto it worked Thank you again reverend Lisa


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Jul 19, 2011
Samsung Charger Model MAIN-96225 with same problem

According to Amazon, this is a Samsung Fast Wireless Charging Stand (and it has the rubberized lip as mentioned in previous posts). It comes with the adaptive plug and wire.

When I set the phone on it, sometimes it will start charging without any problems at all, but quite frequently the blue light starts flashing and checking the status on the phone it says (fast wireless charging paused. Sometimes it will charge for a while and then go into pause.

I've left it that way and it stayed paused all night while the battery power withered away. Sometimes I can move the phone around and it will start charging, other times I have to take the phone off the stand and put it back on and it will start working. Still other times I have to actually unplug the stand and plug it back in.

Its getting pretty frustrating. What good is it to have the charger if I can't set the phone on it and trust it will charge?


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Feb 6, 2008
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I found a non-oem one that works very reliably, it even claims to reduce power when the S8 is fully charged. I had problems with other wireless chargers, but when I found one that actually spec'd in with a 2 amp input rating and a 10 Watt output I decided to try it out. I tested one at home for a week and it was 100% reliable, so I bought a second for at work, 2nd day in and no issues. Pleson PLS-WR-C400 Fast Charge about $19 on Amazon, I am using the official Samsung branded 2 amp charger that came with the phone to power it.


Aug 9, 2011
I only get my wireless charger working without a fast charge DC adapter. Of course, it's a normal charge but it's working.


Feb 17, 2015
The same Problem S7 Wireless fast charger

I am having just hte opposite problem. My Samsung branded fast wireless charger with the Samsung Adaptive Fast charger that came with a previous phone (S7 Edge) has this issue, but no-name fast chargers with other brand QC2 power supplies work correctly. I can get normal speed charging on the Samsung with a generic 2amp power supply. I don't think mine is a counterfeit charger. If it is, it is very very good copy.

I have the same problem with the OEM S7 Wireless fast charger.

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I always use Samsung wireless charger to charge my phone. After update the latest firmware QG5 i noticed my phone takes 4 hrs to charge when i use wireless charger. How i enable this option.

The same problem in the update QK7. Before the QG5 all was fine.
Dec 29, 2017
The Aukey one just blinked white after successfully charging for 20 seconds or so. It was useless. I now have a couple of Anker fast charging mats and they both work fine.


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Nov 2, 2011
Rochester NY
My Original Samsung Fast Charger Broken After SW Updates

I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 running Android V7.0 with an original Samsung Fast Wireless Charger and Samsung Walwart and Samsung cord that worked for over 2 years. After forced software updates wireless charging fails with phone connecting, disconnecting, lighting up, and exhibiting all of your symptoms. The only fix that works is to unplug the charger, then plug the charger back into the wall, then put the phone on the pad. It works one time. When the phone charges up it lights up the room, then goes back to its fast wireless charging paused, stopped, and found cycles.

Samsung did this. To its own original chargers. There must be a known problem for them to do this to us. I have not bought a new Samsung charger to see if it fixes the software issue. I have no Daydream mode setting under settings / display to try.

I bought my charger and phone, or rented them, from Verizon over two years ago. Hate to spend another $50 on a two year old phone. Hate more to spend $900 on a new phone. Especially if its features will be crippled by software updates every six months. We can not believe the aggravation of having to discover new hidden settings to fix the phone to operate the way I want it too after every monthly software update. What a waste of our time.

Now if you use the phone the way Samsung and Verizon and Google want then it might work after each update without you changing anything. It will even wake you up at night when its done charging so you may take it off the stand and unplug the charger. That will save about 5 cents of electricity. And it guarantees you won't over heat the battery and start a fire in the middle of the night. But Samsung won't admit that's what is happening. Or what might happen.

Don't believe me. Call their chat line. Get a recommendation on how to fix and use the wireless charging station that you've been using for two years without a problem. I did. Unplug it. Doesn't work well unplugged. Well it will work once when you plug it back in. If you forget to unplug and plug the wireless charger back in it will sometimes deplete the battery to nothing as it won't charge but will keep turning the screen on and off. Dumb SW Update.


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Mar 4, 2019

I had this very same problem ...

Here is the fix that worked for me

Good luck!

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    There have been some initial reports of a "wireless charging paused" problem when attempting to "fast" wireless charge with certain chargers. I have experienced this myself, researched it, did some testing, and have some thoughts I think would be helpful to share. The YT link illustrates the problem: youtu.be/IkR3H1Tnlp0

    tl;dr The S8/+ only "fast" wireless charges with an OEM Samsung charger. Third-party and knockoff "fast" wireless chargers will experience the "paused" issue. They can work as standard wireless chargers but must be paired with a power adapter that forces it (non Samsung Adaptive Fast Charger and no QC 2.0+ power adapters, etc.) Previous generation Samsungs​, such as the S7/Edge and Note7 (R.I.P.), do not have this limitation.

    The person in the YT video must have had a knockoff (one good indicator is the hard plastic "lip" on the stand should instead be a rubberized material). I have two knockoffs myself and my results are the same. I also have a third-party Choetech and both of the previous OEM versions; pad and stand. I do not have the new convertible stand.

    The long version:

    Before I start, please note that I make a clear distinction between a wireless charger and a power adapter. I refer to a wireless charger as the device which contains the inductive coils on which a smartphone rests upon for wireless charging. A power adapter is the device that plugs into a wall outlet and has a USB Type A port to supply the wireless charger with power via a USB cable (typically a USB Type A to micro USB cable). Basic stuff, I realize.

    Initial reports from around the web, in particular the above YT video, pointed me in the right direction. According to my own testing and conclusions, the problem isn't the wireless charger or the power adapter but rather a seemingly intentional block placed by Samsung when attempting to use Samsung's "fast" wireless charging method on the new S8/+ with third-party or knockoff "fast" wireless chargers.

    As you may know, the "fast" wireless charging method is a non-standard, proprietary Samsung technology, which is said to be compatible with standard Qi wireless charging. I have concluded that, apparently, the new S8/+ can now detect if a "fast" wireless charger is OEM or not. If it is not, you will experience the "paused" behavior when attempting to "fast" wireless charge an S8/+. However, standard wireless charging works fine on the few non-OEM "fast" wireless chargers I tested.

    While you cannot select between the "fast" or standard wireless charging method by way of the wireless chargers themselves (or any that I've seen at least), you can force the wireless charging method based on the power adapter you pair the "fast" wireless charger with. Aha!

    If you're like most who purchased a third-party "fast" wireless charger to use with a previous generation Samsung Galaxy, you may remember the fun of having to pair it up with the right kind of power adapter that would enable "fast" wireless charging, such as a QC 2.0+ power adapter. Using the "wrong" kind of power adapter should force a "fast" wireless charger to use standard wireless charging and then the S8/+ will no longer experience the "paused" problem. Obviously, this means the S8/+ will wirelessly charge at the standard rate.

    I tested and was able to successfully "fast" wirelessly charge my S8+ with an OEM Samsung Fast Wireless Charging Pad (flat, lay down style) model EP-PN920, which is the first iteration of a "fast" wireless charger from Samsung. I was also able to successfully "fast" wirelessly charge with the next iteration wireless charger, the Samsung Fast Wireless Charging Stand (stand up style) model EP-PN930. Both were paired with a basic OEM Samsung Adaptive Fast Charger USB power adapter. I also tested the above wireless chargers paired with an AUKEY Quick Charge 2.0 Wall Charger power adapter model PA-U28 (5V/2.4A) and was able to successfully "fast" wireless charge my S8+ on the OEM Samsung wireless chargers.

    I also tested a Choetech Fast Wireless Charger model T518. When paired with a power adapter that enables "fast" wireless charging, I experienced the "paused" behavior on my S8+. When paired with a power adapter that forced standard wireless charging, my S8+ was able to wirelessly charge at the standard rate without issue. This was the same result with two China knockoffs of the OEM stands (one good indicator is the hard plastic "lip" on the stand should instead be a rubberized material).

    My reasoning behind this block being seemingly intentionally placed by Samsung seems pretty clear based on the above results. I think the "paused" behavior may not be intentional, however. It could also simply be a mishap with just a certain batch and Samsung may address the issue in the future. Here's to hoping, but don't hold your breath.

    Suffice it to say, this is only my experience and yours might be different. Please do feel free to comment on your own experiences. I think it can be helpful to get additional perspective on the topic. Thank you.
    I'm using a Pleson Fast Charge. No problems here. Back of the S8 is quite warm though.

    I have two wireless pads connected to authentic samsung adaptive fast chargers. The Anker charges my S8 in fast mode all the time.

    The yootech charges in standard mode even though the light on the yootech is blue, meaning fast mode. It is green in standard mode, like when i set my nexus 7 on it.

    i came here to see if there was a reason, and now as im messing around on it i got the phone to go into fast mode on the yootech. i slowly slid the phone around on the pad to find the areas where it would stop charging, and when i slid it back to the center it said fast charging , for the first time.

    one other thing i noticed is that fast wireless said 60% 1hr 9 min to full, and on standard it said 1hr 22 minutes. That's not much of a difference.
    I swear i remember the difference between more on my note 7 but its been a while.

    so i guess on the yootech i can get it into fast if i move it around and let it pause a few times.

    edit: when i first set it on the yootech it will say regular wireless charging. If i slide the phone over until it pauses, then move it back it goes to fast charging. I can get it to do that every time. Odd.
    I returned the Choetech since I was getting the charging paused problem. Went with the Pleson and it seems to work great with my S8+.
    Wish it were USB C though.

    There seems to be only (1) USB C fast wireless charger on Amazon and it is $10 more expensive than the Pleson. Not worth it for me.
    My two chargers have the exact same Serialnumber like yours.

    I have the prbolem with one of them. But this one had the problem also sometimes with the S7.

    I bought them online for about 13 Euro each.