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Dec 18, 2012
The loop is small, about 1½ inch, it has to fit on the charger which is small too, about 2". There is a small electronic board with the loop.
Also my loop is under the back cover, so the NFC antenna is on top of it. The QI loop does not block the 2 pins for the NFC antenna.
Both work for more than a year now, I use NFC in about every stores, and my phone is actually at my desk on a QI charger and it still charges fine :)

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    Working solder-solution

    first: SORRY for the pictures, I only had a GoPro4 at hand and didn't check that they're good. sorry sorry sorry.

    Anyway: I soldered a random QI receiver pad to my zenfone2, using the USB power in.

    1. Unscrew at least the bottom half of the screws
    2. use something to ply open the bottom half so you get access to the USB board
    3. open up the cable holding thingy with a screwdriver or so and carefully remove the antenna to the right, and lift the vibrator from its housing
    4. remove the board and turn it around
    5. below the silver strip, theres the +, on the smallest of the testpoints. solder something thin to it (I used a copper strip)
    6. BE VERY SURE to not let it touch anything, use a lot of insulating tape or so. ALSO insulate the metal part still left in the phone, below the speaker. also insulate the bottom part of the battery. you could also just insulate the rest of the copper strip with thin tape.
    7. let your cable exit close to the connector of the ribbon cable.
    8. turn the board around and solder - to the ground coming from USB, somewhere. Ground is everywhere pretty much.
    9. you don't have to insulate that as carefully, because most parts it can touch (sim-card-holder etc) are grounded anyway
    10. now put both cables through the left long hole of the battery. again be very sure that + doesn't touch any metal.
    11. reassemble.
    12. solder your pad
    13. done
    Thanks for trying. Did you actually solder or just plug it in the usb port? If you plugged it in the usb port, does the cover close without damaging the cable?

    I'm asking because if that works, we could potentially design a slightly thicker but hollow back case that could hold NFC and the wireless receive without unnatural bulges.

    It closes fine but there is a bulge and the cover is left slightly open.

    Here's my solution. Doesn't look good but functional.
    Please some pics

    Inviato dal mio ASUS_Z00A utilizzando Tapatalk
    Okay, I took the pictures I could without re-opening it but I've added in pictures to help explain the process.

    First take off the back cover
    Second unscrew all the screws holding in the back plate (remember there is one to the right of the volume slider that has the warranty sticker over it)
    Third, carefully remove the antenna and the vibrator motor

    Now this is where you'll need to solder in your two wires (any thin copper wire will do).
    following this layout:
    you'll need to attach a wire for the 5V on the underside, and a Ground to the topside.
    **Note: In the picture, the board says "BOT" on the side that faces up when you open it(because when looking at your phone's screen it is facing down).

    To get to the small round point for the 5V location you'll need to move the thin silver tape **MAKE SURE TO REPLACE IT ONCE YOU"RE DONE**
    Next, make sure to cover the wires so that they do not touch anything metal. (Electrical tape is your friend).
    After covering the wires, place the board, motor, and antenna back in their place. Screw on the plastic backing and get your wireless adapter ready.

    I don't really have pictures for this next part because it will be different for each person, but you want to connect the 5V wire to the 5V solder point on the adapter, and the Ground wire to the Ground on the adapter. Once you've done that, tape the rest of the wires up and secure the wireless adapter overlapping where the batter is.
    See here:

    Once you've done that I would test it (both USB and Wireless charging). I had my phone turn off the first time, but after I adjusted the wires it was fine.

    Slap back on the back cover and you'll be good to go!
    Would love to use wireless charging but using a cover like the one posted is out of question.
    I love the slim form and feel of this phone. so i will have to live without QI and other solutions.
    Here's a teardown: http://www.myfixguide.com/manual/asus-zenfone-2-teardown/
    You could solder the DigiYes posted earlier (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HI8JYFE) onto the usb board. Or you could probably just jam the wires into the connector for a non-permanent solution. The pictures of the DigiYes are a little conflicting, but if it does have leads for the data pins, you'd be best off omitting them (you'll be limited to 500ma qi charging).

    This is of course assuming there's enough space to wedge the DigiYes between the back cover and phone.

    I just received mine and there is enough space in the back cover for the receiver to fit in, albeit with a small bulge. It does show my phone as charging even when just held up to my Moto 360 cradle; whether or not it's charging, however, I have no idea.
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