With every ROM i try i have the same issue: Bluetooth makes wifi to go soooo slow, any help ?

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Jun 7, 2017
Hello guys, i'm getting crazy about this because, after trying a lot of custom and some official roms i keep having this problem: when bluetooth is active wifi is slow and become useless many times, not every times tho, which makes me even more confused but i'm pretty sure i've made a right diagnose of the problem and it's BT and Wifi interfering...

It's logical to think this must be a hardware issue, specially if you havent experienced it, and i might even try it in another p8 i have (i havent tried yet because it needs a new screen)

As a user i just can't live without bluetooth, maybe some of you didnt noticed it but you also have this issue... i'm just almost all day using bluetooth audio.

In case you experienced this problem, can you suggest any solution ? i'm sure this has to be a repeated problem in many devices due to the similar frequency range BT and Wifi operates (congratulations to the ones who decided to make this standards this way)

In the moment i think every custom rom i tried had some little imperfection or issue and, right now my choice is EMUi 4.1, for me the most valuable thing is the feeling of the OS, the stability, fluidity, consistence, elegance of the interface, and i can have all that with this firmware despite this f***** problem which is a total red line for me. Of course i'd root and customize EMUI a little bit...

BTW... i seem to worried for a 7 years old phone that i just love to have in my hand but its supposed to be just a spare phone while my main one waits for a fix... well yes, i got excited, and frustrated, and excited again... but i guess i will have to accept this dramatic situation and fix my new phone asap.

Suggestion of any custom rom or general solution for this ? thank you guys